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Moms’ tried-and-true life tricks for rapid cleaning

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Comfort in the house is a guarantee of peace of mind and peace in the family, which are so necessary now for each of us. Candles, intriguing decor accents, paintings and fresh flowers will all contribute to a cozy atmosphere. Peonies are  recognized as one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Peonies are the personification of spring and denote wealth and luxury. No wonder peonies in Dubai are very popular. There are many sites for ordering flowers online at very reasonable prices. A bouquet of fresh flowers will be delivered very quickly directly to your home.

But perhaps what makes a home most comfortable is how tidy and organized it is. When there are children in the house, cleaning can be done endlessly. There will be toys, crumbs, scattered clothes everywhere. However, expert mothers are willing to share their solution after coming up with it for themselves and keeping the house in order.

Remove anything extraneous

You need to do an audit and discard anything that is outdated, expired, or not used at all. The golden rule is that you don’t need something if you haven’t used it in a year.

If in doubt, put some items aside and after six months repeat the process of throwing away the excess, then you will already make a conclusion – the right thing or just takes up space.

Therefore, as you gradually rid your space of mountains of trash, it will become easier for you to breathe. 


After you have cleaned your home, make an effort to give each object a specific location. Cleaning will therefore take considerably less time and take up much less space.

Use boxes and dividers. Sort jars in the bathroom, gadgets and wires, cleaning products, spices and cereals in the kitchen at once. Absolutely everything can be folded more compactly than it is now. 

 Box for small items 

After you have cleared your house, try to allocate a specific place for each item. So cleaning will be many times faster, and things will take up much less space.

Moms recommend having a box in which you can quickly put all items from surfaces: pens, rubber bands, small toys, threads, parts after repairs. In time, all this takes about 5 minutes. Once a week  you need to sort this box and put the items in their places. Once you give it a try, you’ll see how useful it is. 

Putting things in order with the child

All toys are recommended to be sorted into boxes and categories: cars, books, large toys, educational ones. Toys with small details (magnetic numbers or the alphabet, or squares with pictures) are best packed in resealable bags. The child cannot open them without you. And when the child wants to play, you need to ask him to first remove the previous toy.

How to clean up toys? Of course, it’s faster to do everything yourself, but if you involve a child, over time it will bear fruit.

How do we do this? It is better in the form of a game and together. For example, who will collect more items faster. Or you can ask to bring a certain object (a red car, a green ball) — for a child up to 4 years old this is both a game and a developmental activity.

30 minute cleaning

Using this life hack, the house will always be tidy and you won’t have to spend the entire weekend cleaning. A half-hour is quite short. You can definitely find 30 minutes a day.

So, we set the alarm for exactly half an hour and begin to get out. The most important thing is that we don’t get distracted by anything. When the bell rings, we stop cleaning. And you will see for yourself how much you have done.

Cleaning by day of the week

If you like the 30-minute daily cleaning, try cleaning by day of the week. For example, clean the hallway on Monday, the kitchen on Tuesday and so on. You can set aside a separate day for a difficult zone or take a day off. This greatly simplifies the cleaning process and the apartment will always be in order.

As you can see, it’s not that hard to keep your house clean, even if you have kids. With these suggestions, cleaning will go even more quickly and easily. And the most significant benefit is that you’ll have more free time to spend with your family.

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