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Parenting: how to reduce stress and keep the joy in motherhood

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As it is said: happy mother – happy child, however, in practice there is often no time for anything but the baby. When a baby is born, every mother’s life changes dramatically, new priorities emerge, she no longer belongs to herself and needs to build a life around her newborn. After a while, enthusiasm is replaced by fatigue and the once sparkling eyes are filled with anxiety. So how to relax in motherhood and start enjoying such an important new phase of life? We encourage you to adopt the following ideas in order to stay in a well-resourced state of mind, feeling happy and energized.

  1. Take the time to self-care

Undoubtedly, taking care of yourself is a pleasure. This is a very simple but effective way to relax and give yourself a bit of attention. A facial, warm bath, fresh manicure or a massage, which can be done outdoors or at home, is well worth the effort. During maternity, the mother’s body needs special care to relieve muscle tension too, with which a massage can help. In case you are able to leave the baby for a few hours with the father or the nanny, dedicate little time to a massage at the spa center. Experienced therapists can help you choose the right type of massage needed, including luxury massages, RUSSIAN MASSAGE or a soothing Moroccan bath with massage. After the message, enjoy a spa beauty treatment to give yourself some splendor. Over time, you’ll see that your renewed appearance becomes transformed and your inner state of mind and life changes for the better. 

  1. Take every opportunity to get a nap

This is the mother’s first and basic need. During the first months, babies used to sleep a lot. With each passing month, the sleep intervals get shorter. A mother shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get enough sleep. Although the baby has to sleep intermittently at night due to a feeding every 2-3 hours, the daytime nap should not be neglected. This is the best way to recharge a tired body. Once the baby has fallen asleep, the mother should also lie down and forget about the scattered things and unwashed dishes. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your baby’s well-being and for positive communication.

  1. Going for fresh air walks

Young babies often sleep in a stroller. This is no revelation about the benefits of outdoor sleeping. Whether there’s a park nearby or just a quiet space where you can easily combine business with pleasure and go for a long walk. While the baby sleeps, take the stroller for a walk away from the busy traffic. Alternatively, you could read a book sitting on a bench under a weeping willow tree and listen to an audio book or an interview. Naturally, this practice is more suitable for warmer weather. However, you shouldn’t neglect at least a half-hour walk in winter as well.

  1. Delegate household chores

Cleaning the house can take up a lot of time, especially if you’re on maternity leave and the house is never kept tidy for more than a few days. In order to avoid becoming a permanent housekeeper, and if you have the opportunity for sure, try to delegate the housework. Consider talking to your partner and see if they can take over some of the duties or opt for a full-time assistant to help with the housework. The key is to free up your time so that you have extra hours to relax and devote it to your child and yourself.

  1. Take time to get in touch with others

During motherhood, it is natural that the focus of life shifts to a child, leaving little time for yourself, not to mention the rest of the family and friends. However, in order to maintain a healthy wellbeing, it’s crucial for mums to make time for themselves and socialize. Invite your friends over for dinner, or watch a film with your partner. Such small and seemingly insignificant things can help you vary your routine and take a break from the role of motherhood for a few hours.

In addition to these methods of stress management, remember that the most essential thing for the child is your good mood. Since mothers and babies are so attached to each other, reducing the stress of one of them helps equally the mother and the baby. 

Share this post with your friends!