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Obtain Microsoft AZ-220 Exam Certification To Become The No.1 IoT Developer At Your Organization

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Are you an IoT developer who is seeking to get certified for your skills? Would you like to validate your expertise in Microsoft MS-101 Questions and programmability in Azure IoT software development kit–supported languages. Well, getting a certification from Microsoft qualifying you as an Azure IoT Developer Specialist is the best place to start.

What Should I Know About The AZ-220 Exam And Certification?

The Microsoft Azure IoT Microsoft MS-500 Questions is a test for Azure IoT developers to validate their skills in the implementation of configurations and coding to generate and maintain the cloud and Azure IoT edge portion of the solution. The exam costs $165 and is available in multiple languages such as English, French, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, etc. The basic blueprint of the test will be on planning the IoT solution infrastructure, knowing how to provision and manage devices, Implementation of IoT Edge, business integration execution, management and processing of data, optimizing IoT solutions, troubleshooting, and implementing security. Once you have passed the exam, you will be awarded the Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty certification. You will also be given a Microsoft certification badge which you can add to LinkedIn or your resume. 

How Will This Certification Be Beneficial To You?

Gaining the Microsoft MS-700 Questions : Azure IoT Developer Specialty certification will be greatly valuable when showcasing your qualifications for promotion at your workplace. According to ZipRecruiter, an average annual salary for a IoT developer is $113,088. With a good amount of experience and this specialty certification, you can raise your salary up to $159,000. Even when seeking employment, a Microsoft qualification such as this will show your future employer your capabilities as a competent IoT developer suitable for their company.

How Can I Pass This Test On My First Try?

If you are an IoT developer with limited experience, do not be afraid to try this exam. If you already have basic programming skills in Azure-supported languages such as Python, you can complete the courses provided by Microsoft to increase your understanding and skills. There are two types of courses offered by Microsoft MS-900 Questions : free online courses and a paid instructor-led course (AZ-220T00: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer) for the AZ-220 exam. You can also read plenty of books on Amazon to expand your knowledge. Some of the books you might find helpful are Beginning Azure IoT Edge Computing: Extending the Cloud to the Intelligent Edge by David Jensen, IoT Solutions in Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite: Data Acquisition and Analysis in the Real World by Scott Klein, and AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Technologies: Technology Workbook with Practice Questions and Labs by IP Specialist and Pri mooz. Furthermore, there are plenty of practice tests provided by Microsoft or dumps from websites such as Certbolt or PrepAway which you can try to get a basic idea of the test before sitting for the actual one.


As a Microsoft AZ-204 Questions , you have various responsibilities from implementing design specifications to developing and deploying modules and networking for the Azure IoT solutions. Even if you are experienced it is hard to climb up your career ladder in the IT industry without proper qualifications. Therefore, passing the Microsoft AZ-303 Questions is perfect for not only validating your expertise but also assessing your understanding of Azure IoT solution infrastructure and security.

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