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Updating the Fireplace with Valspar Paint

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We recently purchased our first home and of course we were so excited to put our stamp on it and make it our own. I had no idea this would mean painting a fireplace!

I had big plans for the place before we had even moved in, and it took me a little while to realise that these things take time, especially when you’re heavily pregnant and suffering with a list of ailments as long as your arm.

We decided to start with the lounge (full post on that to come) and the biggest feature in this particular room is the fireplace.

the fireplace before we painted it, brown wooden surround

We had originally thought about doing a feature wall like Oddhogg’s geometric wall, but decided it might look a bit weird behind the fireplace, so we decided to paint the fireplace instead! A bit brave for us, but we did it anyway!

We started by sanding the fireplace so that the paint would be more likely to stick to it, using a Bosch sander. This job took took around twenty minutes.

Neil sanding the wood on the fireplace using a bosch sander

We then used Valspar wood primer and undercoat to give the fireplace a painted base. We used a roller brush and it took another twenty minutes. We left it overnight to dry.

a tin of valspar wood primer rests on top of the wooden fireplace painting a fireplace with the primer using a roller

For the main colour we chose Valspar’s Tribal Headdress which is a lovely dark teal to match our new sofas. We started by painting it on with a roller but did a top coat using a brush. The result is a striking fireplace which really brings life to the room.

painting a fireplace with the teal paint using a roller the finished result: the fireplace's surround is now teal

We are now ready to finish off the lounge with some finishing touches such as art, curtains, a coffee table, a new TV stand and a rug.

Who knew interior decorating could be so exciting?

Share this post with your friends!