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Picking the Right Wall Art for Your Home

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When it comes to decorating your house, nothing makes it a home quite like wall art. But picking the right wall art for your home can be tricky – there are so many different options! Read on as we look through the different types of wall art you can choose to add a little colour to your home, including canvas prints, posters and even wall tiles!

Canvas wall art

We are a big fan of canvas wall art and have several pieces dotted throughout our home.

Canvas wall art is an image of your choosing printed onto canvas and then stretched onto a frame.

Usually cheaper than photo printing, canvas prints are easy to hang, looks great and can take pride of place in your lounge, kitchen or bedroom!

A shot of the third canvas we received from Parrot Print canvas of Dexter being held with by his Daddy

Art prints

Looking for something that shows off your personality without being too personal? An art print is the perfect choice.

Choose from millions of options that showcase your personality from landscapes to nudes. Whatever your taste, you can get the art of your dreams printed and ready to hang on the walls of your home!

Framed posters

Our walk art of choice has to be blown up prints on stunning frames that celebrate just how cute our kids are. Framed posters look gorgeous, are totally personal and can really showcase your photography.

More of an art fan? You could hang blown up art prints behind your toilet, at the top of your staircase or above your headboard.

dexter and felix sat on the sofa in our lounge

Wall tiles

New to the scene are wall tiles. These are images printed on blocks which stick to your wall. They can be removed easily by gently pulling on them and rearranged in all sorts of weird and wonderful patterns!

MixPix tiles featuring Felix on the wall in a grid

Whatever type wall art you decide on for your home, we definitely think it will bring comfort and warmth to the walls of your house. Each type of wall art has its own unique look and result and we’re sure you’ll find one that works for you!

Share this post with your friends!