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AD | Review: Decorating our Home with MIXPIX

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Since moving into our home last August, we have loved having the freedom to decorate it exactly how we want it. This feels so liberating after years and years of renting and being constructed to living in flats with boring white walls. We’ve created a nautical themed toddler bedroom for Dexter and a tribal themed nursery for Felix. We’ve taken ages picking the perfect pieces of furniture and decor for each room and it’s been wonderfully therapeutic in a way. Downstairs, we made a tentative start on the living room, but half way through decided we would wait until the boys’ bedrooms were done. Meanwhile, before Felix arrived into our world, we picked out some beautiful canvases of Dexter to proudly hang in our living space, but of course now, six months down the line, there’s another little guy who’s missing from the four walls of the lounge. Felix is an extremely photogenic baby, always smiling and happy to pose for the camera and there was no way I could pick just one or two photos of him for a big canvas. That’s why we decided to purchase MIXPIX

What are MIXPIX?

Created by, MIX PIX are photo tiles which really bring your walls to life. Each tile is created with brilliant colours and stunning detail and are 20cm in both length and width.

The great thing about MIXPIX is you can stick them to pretty much any wall and they can be removed and rearranged without causing damage. This is brilliant if you feel like moving the MIXPIX into another room or rearranging the style you have hung them in. We have tried column, grid and a few different patterns with our MIXPIX.

MixPix tiles featuring Felix on the wall

MixPix tiles featuring Felix on the wall in a grid

What we loved about MIXPIX

No tools are required

Whenever I order prints or canvasses for the house, I always have to wait for my husband to get home to get the hammer and nails out (I’m far too scared to do it by myself) but with MIXPIX no tools are required! You simply attach the Tesa adhesive tape to each MIXPIX, remove the sticky back plastic and stick to the wall! Simples!

Errors? What errors?

Have you ever hung a print and then realised it’s in completely the wrong place? Well, with MIX PIX you don’t need to worry about this, because if the tile looks a little skew-whiff you simply pull it back off the wall and realign it perfectly. No need to worry about filling in any holes you may have made with the hammer and nails!

Redesigning to your heart’s content

I get pretty bored of way things are and love to change up the pictures and the way the furniture is laid out regularly. With MIX PIX the tiles are easily taken off the wall and can be rearranged or moved completely into another room without leaving any marks on the walls. We have tried so many combinations and can’t wait to try more as we build up more of a collection.

MixPix tiles featuring Felix on the mantlepiece in the lounge

MixPix tiles featuring Felix next to a canvas of Dexter

MixPix tiles featuring Felix in a column on lounge wall

MixPix tiles featuring Felix on the kitchen wall in a column

MixPix tiles featuring Felix on the kitchen wall

Where can I buy MIX PIX?

MIXPIX are available from and cost £16 per tile.

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Monday 18th of March 2024

I tried these are it has been terrible. The MIXPIX adhesive won't stick to my wall. Pictures falling down over and over and getting dented. This product is not working. would NEVER recommend MIX PIX. save your money. Because it took me a couple of months to renovate and have a wall to hang them, I cannot get a refund. Customer service has been nice and quick to respond, but there is no solution that is satisfactory so far.

Tina at Mommynificent

Tuesday 4th of February 2020

Where did you get the adhesive for the back? My package of Mixpix just came, but there’s no adhesive. Was it supposed to be in the package?

Judi Arnold

Wednesday 10th of July 2019

are there local stores that do mixpix canvas or enlargements or should I do them online?

Nicola | Mummy to Dex

Wednesday 10th of July 2019

Hi Judi,

I don’t know of any local stores that do MIXPIX, I think they’re exclusive to

Hope that helps!