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How to Add Colour to Your Home

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Are you fed up with the trend of all grey interiors? As classy and modern as that looks, what is life without a little colour? Colour is a really great way of adding some personality and warmth into a space, but if your rooms are stuck feeling a little cold, check out emo oil for heating fuel delivery. 

If you want to inject a little colour into your home, here is how you can do it without going over the top. 

Accent wall

If you’re worried that designing an entire room in one colour in mind might be a little too much, you could opt for an accent wall instead. Choose one wall to create a feature on, perhaps with a block colour or even wallpaper that complements the paint on the other walls. Figure out where the natural focal point of the room is, to ensure that you’re making the right choice with your accent wall, or, if you have a room with a chimney breast in, it can look really interesting if you paint just that area. 

Soft accessories

A great way to add colour without doing something super permanent is to mix and match blankets, throw cushions, and rugs. By using accessories to add colour, you can change things up in different seasons, or as the mood takes you, without having to spend too much on decorating. You could also use items such as ornaments, vases, lampshades, and even floral arrangements to add a pop of colour. Remember that not everything has to be precisely the same shade to look good; you could look at complementary colours (for example, navy and mustard are very on-trend at the moment) to add that splash of colour in an otherwise neutral room. 


Even in a neutrally-decorated room, you can add some fun and colour by putting up photographs, paintings, and artwork. Look for pieces that you are drawn to, and make you feel happy or inspired and either use one large print or create a fun gallery wall with a mix of smaller framed prints. 

Go all out

If you want a bit of boho chic, why not just go to town with the colour and patterns?! It can seem a little daunting at first, but the idea of a bohemian look is contrasting colours and patterns and choosing materials that make you happy. If you just trust in the process, it’ll all come together and look really quirky and cosy. 

Different colours can evoke different feelings, so it’s useful to think about this before choosing your colours for various rooms. For example, blue is said to be very calming, so it’s an excellent theme for a bedroom. Red is a colour of energy, so it would be better away from the bedroom and in a space where you need some strength and excitement. How you then use these colours in your rooms is up to you. 

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