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Practical Home Improvements to Increase Your Property Value

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It’s easy to think that moving to a new house will solve all those space issues your growing family is encountering.  But perhaps a few practical home improvements are a more realistic option at the moment?  Whatever you decide to do to your home, you’ll want it to add value and make you well-placed to move in the future.

Before you make any decisions, check out these project considerations first.

Consider ways to add another room

There are plenty of ways to add another room to a house.  From single and double storey extensions, orangeries and conservatories, to summer houses and extra bathrooms, there’s much to consider.

What works best for you will depend on two things.  What type of space will you benefit from most as a family?  Perhaps an extra bathroom or playroom, or even a home office?  The second thing to consider is whether this will be the right improvement to sell the house in the future.

If you live in an area popular with young families, then that extra bathroom or bedroom may make sense.  However, if the area is popular with professional couples then a large entertaining space may add more value.

You could look at adding a multi-function room that will appeal to different potential buyers.  For example, an adaptable space such as a conservatory could work for entertaining or as a playroom.  This may be a good option if your budget is relatively small, as conservatory prices are more affordable than paying for a brick extension.

You’ll need to weigh up what will work for you and what will give your property the edge over other houses in your area.

Consider other additions to make space

Extensions aren’t the only ways to add space and value to a home.  There are other practical options you can consider.

If your home is lacking hallway space, you could consider adding a small porch to your home.  This will create a practical place to store all those coats and shoes, as well as a place to come into out of the rain without messing up the house.

If some of your bedrooms are up in the eaves of the house, they can seem a bit claustrophobic.  Adding dormer windows can improve the feeling of height and space, as well as adding some extra character to your property.

Finally, if the budget allows, you could consider taking out partition walls to create an open plan living space.  This will help with the feeling of space and make your home appeal to modern couples and families.

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