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Pregnancy Diary: Week 10

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So we are here in double digits already! This week has been much easier with regards to pregnancy symptoms and I’ve found it much more of a breeze! I’ve had a lot going on in work though which has been quite stressful, but I’ve tried my best to keep as calm as can be.

The nausea has really worn off this week and I’m pretty sure I haven’t been sick once. I’ve had the odd dizzy spell but nothing too dramatic and I’ve felt a lot more energetic. I’ve still been going to bed early most nights but I’ve been getting up super early and getting jobs done which has been great. My boobs don’t hurt at all apart from when I’m getting kicked by Dexter!

One thing I do suffer with during pregnancy is my gums. I don’t know if it’s because of the increased blood in my system but my gums bleed so easily when brushing. I started with a problem with my wisdom tooth last week as well which has been really painful. The gum around the wisdom tooth became inflamed and I’ve had to avoid eating on that side and been taking lots of painkillers to be able to bear having anything in my mouth. By the end of the week it has eased considerably but it’s still not 100%. I probably should go to the dentist if it’s not better by next week as it could be infected.

I haven’t put on any weight yet but my belly is definitely becoming firmer and rounder. I still fit into my work trousers which are a size 8 but they’re starting to leave a mark on my belly. By the end of the day my belly looks really round and I definitely look pregnant!

It was my last week in my current job this week so I’ve been really busy getting the place ready to hand over to their new manager. It was really sad having to say goodbye to my staff and I did shed quite a few tears at home. On Saturday I couldn’t stop crying and I was asleep by 8pm exhausted and all cried out. It’s funny what these hormones do to you!

I only have a week now to wait for our dating scan. It feels like we have been waiting forever but I am so excited to finally see our little bundle of joy!

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