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Pregnancy Diary: Week 12

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This week has definitely been my favourite so far! On Monday we got to see our gorgeous little baby when we went for the nuchal scan and I’m pleased to report that everything is looking good.

The symptoms I’ve been suffering with over the past ten weeks have really eased and I no longer feel sick, dizzy or quite as fatigued as I did before. It’s also been amazing to tell friends and family that we are expecting and pretty much everybody knows now.

The scan was done by a lovely sonographer called Tori who did a scan for me when I was pregnant with Dexter. She is so thorough, really gentle and super friendly. She talked us through everything on the screen and was just lovely through the whole process. We got some amazingly clear pictures of the little one which she said was down to me being so slim! Baby didnt move anywhere near as much as Dexter did when we went for our scans and made very slow deliberate movements which were so very cute!

After the scan I had bloods done and again the nurse was really sweet asking us lots of questions about Dexter and letting us know that he will definitely know I am pregnant even if he doesn’t understand what that really means.

When we got home with our scan pictures, I showed them to Dexter and he knew it was a baby as he kept pointing and saying ‘baba’. Over the course of the week I’ve told him several times that the ‘baba’ is in Mama’s belly and encouraged him to touch, say ‘hiya’ and rub the baba as much as he wants. I am 90% sure he understands that there’s a baby in there which is thanks in part to my childminder who was pregnant the whole time he went there and finally had her baby a couple of months ago. Dexter is a bright spark and I am so sure he understands that we too will be getting a new baba!

We were given a due date of December 21st which seems so far away! Everyone keeps asking me where I’m hiding the baby but each night the tell tale bump comes out! I’m so excited to start showing properly and to announce properly on my blog and social media!

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