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Happy Father’s Day, Dear Husband

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First of all, let me start by saying I am sorry I am not there for your third Father’s Day. I know how mad I would have been if you’d have left me for the weekend to go to London on Mother’s Day, but the fact that you didn’t mind one bit is a testament to what an amazing dad and husband you are.

You are Dexter’s world. He loves his ‘Diddy’ more than anyone else on this planet, including bunny! You are his absolute idol. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed the way he looks at you when you walk into the room after being out all morning on your bike or how he observes you when you are just chilling out at home, but that kid worships the ground you walk on.

Just today, I was putting rubbish outside of the door while you were in work and the sound of the day made him come running, shouting, ‘Diddy?!’ His little crushed face when he realised you weren’t there broke my heart in two.

You have been the most attentive and dedicated Daddy since Dex arrived on this earth. It has never bothered you in the slightest to get up and do feeds while he was a newborn or to get up and give him cuddles whenever he went through a sleep regression. Something that not only comforted him, but helped me out too during those bleary eyed nights when I hadn’t slept for days on end. You’ve been so hands on, giving baths, playing games, taking him for walks (in and out of the pram) and preparing delicious food during our baby led weaning journey.

You’ve really stepped up this past year as well by learning to drive and helping me reduce our outgoings so we could finally purchase our dream home. I know you’ve done all of this for Dexter and our family and we are both truly grateful. I am so excited to move into our new home together and for all the adventures that are to come.

Thank you Neil for being the most wonderful Dad to Dexter and for helping me whenever the going has got tough. I am so glad we are doing this parenting thing together and I definitely couldn’t cope without your love and support.

I hope you manage to have a lovely Father’s Day without me there (I am pretty sure you are racing on your bike while your Mum has Dexter!) and we will celebrate it properly when I return.

Until then, Happy Father’s Day to the best Diddy there is! And just think, this time next year, you’ll be getting the double the presents!

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Sunday 17th of June 2018