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Pregnancy Diary: Week 13

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Another week of pregnancy and it feels like I still have so long to go and yet it seems like I’ve been pregnant for the longest time.

It’s a welcome relief to enter the second trimester as the majority of my pregnancy symptoms have dissipated. I can’t remember the last time I was sick and the dizziness has all but gone. My appetite has increased loads and I’ve finally put on a lb or two. The bloating has totally disappeared and my stomach is as flat as a pancake- I keep being asked where I’m hiding the baby!

My pelvis has started to become more and more of a problem this week. Considering I’ve put on hardly any weight, am much skinnier than I was during my last pregnancy and am trying to be more careful, I’ve ended up suffering with SPD even earlier than I did last time. It’s totally manageable at the moment as has been exacerbated by the fact our lift was broken for two weeks meaning three days a week I have had to carry two bags and a screaming toddler down three flights of stairs every morning and back up at night. Some days I am unable to cross my legs and often I am unable to stand on one leg at night to take off trousers/pants. Getting in the car can be painful but driving is fine for now. I am lucky my commute is now so short I don’t need to worry about driving. I have a midwife appointment in a couple of weeks so will probably refer to physio therapy then to see if there’s anything I can do to stop it getting much worse. It is a concern as I know how much pressure and weight there is to come on my pelvis.

I’ve been looking out loads for baby’s first movements but I’m sure all I’ve felt so far is gas! I’m waiting for those tell tale flicks and twitches. I think I was around 18 weeks pregnant with Dex when I first felt them but am hoping to feel something much sooner this time.

I’m asked a lot if we will find out the gender and I am still in two minds about that. On one hand I would like to plan clothes and stuff but on the other hand I like the idea of a surprise! I think I’m perhaps a little too impatient to wait another six months to find out what we are having!

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