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Pregnancy Diary: Week 19

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What a strange week this has been. I had to take time off work for the first time since my last pregnancy, which is not like me at all.

It all started on Saturday night when Neil was out with his mates for a stag. I felt so tired and I put Dex to bed at 6.30pm just before Neil went out and assured him I was about to go straight to bed myself. My throat had been feeling weird all day, but I thought I was just a little bit dehydrated. Am I the only one who need to drink about three litres of water a day during pregnancy? I think it was about 4am before I got to sleep, I could barely swallow, I was shaking for most of the night and I was sweating profusely each time I tried to put clothes on to warm up.

The next day it transpired Neil hadn’t got home til after 5am and was neither use nor ornament while I was trying to be ill in bed. By this point my throat was KILLING me and it stayed the same way for the next three days. I took paracetamol and it didn’t even touch the sides. I survived on yoghurt, soup and mashed potato for the whole time and ended up losing a few pounds which was no good either! By Thursday I was back in work, although only for the morning as I had my scan in the afternoon and then there was only one more day of work left after that. All in all, a strange old week.

The best part of the week of course was going for our 20 week scan. As I have previously mentioned we had decided not to find out the sex and we stuck to our guns and didn’t try to find out when she asked us if we would like to. Baby was quite low down so she didn’t get many good photos, but the most important thing was baby was healthy and measuring right on track. We even got to see the baby in 4D for a few minutes while she tried to get a decent shot of him or her!

Baby has been very active throughout the week, kicking and punching anytime Daddy isn’t anywhere near. As soon as he approaches all goes quietly still!

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