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Pregnancy Diary: Week 5

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I’ve had a much better week this week with regards to my emotions and the excessive crying I was experiencing last week, although I am putting this down to being so busy being at work and having no time to get myself worked up!

My boobs really started to ache this week and I dug out my old non wired bra from when I was pregnant with Dexter to give me some relief at night. My boobs seem to have grown a cup size and despite being kind of small (I’m around a 30E) they ache so much without a bra. The joy of saggy boobs after childbirth! Dexter has managed to elbow and kick me, god knows how many times in the boobs this week and it has absolutely killed, hoping that this starts easing as the weeks go by as it did during my last pregnancy.

I had my first midwife appointment this week which was a surprise as you usually don’t have it until you’re around eight weeks pregnant. I met my community midwife Tami in the local children’s centre and we had a good chat for over an hour about Dexter’s labour and delivery, my expectations and hope for this one and how I was feeling in general. It was great to get a lot of stuff off my chest that simply put my husband doesn’t care about or understand and it was great to talk candidly about my pregnancy as nobody knows about it yet.

A few days after our meeting I got the letter for the first scan which is on 11th June. It seems like a lifetime away, but I bet it will get here very quickly. I remember last time that the first trimester really dragged but it’s going really fast so far this time.

I’ve had a little bit of spotting over the last few days which I’m not worrying too much about at the moment. When I was 9 weeks pregnant with Dexter I spotted for a few days then had quite a substantial bleed which was bad enough for us to go to the EPU for assessment. Of course everything was fine but it was a worrying evening waiting to be seen and scanned. During my last pregnancy I was very stressed in work and this time I am making every effort to be as laid back as possible.

I’ve experience quite a lot of round ligament pain in my lower abdomen which can be quite painful when coughing, sneezing or simply moving a bit too quickly. I am making as much effort as possible to take my time with moving to ease the stabbing pain.

The biggest symptom of my pregnancy so far is the tiredness. My god! I am in bed, asleep by 8-9pm most nights much to my husband’s despair! I was completely the same last time and it did ease off by the second trimester. I am just trying to get as much sleep as I can because I know my body needs it and I am very lucky in that Dexter will sleep through most nights and my husband doesn’t mind getting up if he does wake. He is very understanding when it comes to me getting my rest!

Most of all I am grateful for all my pregnancy symptoms that tell me I am carrying a baby because at this stage when you have no belly, no movements and no scan picture, it can be very hard to believe you really are pregnant. I am so excited for what’s to come over the next few months!

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