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Pregnancy Diary: Week 7

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This week has been a lot easier as I haven’t been suffering with dizziness quite as much but the nausea has been horrendous and I’ve been sick twice this week. Luckily it’s always first thing in the morning so all that comes up is the sips of water I’ve been drinking during the night but it’s still an unpleasant experience nonetheless.

We’ve had quite a stressful week putting in an offer on a house, negotiating and having it finally accepted. We definitely have a lot on our plate and I have been feeling quite stressed so it wasn’t surprising when I got a migraine on Saturday afternoon. I very rarely suffer with migraines during pregnancy as they usually come when I’m just about to come on my period but when I do get them, they’re pretty bad. I managed to sleep it off for a couple of hours but the hangover that follows is painful so I had a very early night to get over it.

My tiredness has been a lot better this week and I’ve been staying up much later than usual, probably due to the adrenaline coursing through my veins as I panic about what can go wrong with us buying our dream house. Sometimes I wish we hadn’t found such a perfect house so then I wouldn’t be quite so heartbroken if it did go wrong.

My belly has popped out this weekend and my belly button has even started protruding again. I’m hoping it’s just a combination of gas and bloating because this is way too early to start showing!

My emotions are a lot more settled and there hasn’t been many occasions of spontaneous crying but I have been quite short tempered and quick to fly off the handle if someone winds me up, much to the amusement of my husband while I am driving!

My boobs have stopped hurting quite so much but they are as solid as a rock! Getting pregnant is definitely the easiest way to get a boob job! They feel very painful when Dexter gives me a good boot while he’s playing but other than that they feel much better which is a relief. I am back to wearing my underwired bra which I much prefer!

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