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Reasons To See A Family Psychologist

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The article is developed in partnership with BetterHelp.

Individuals all around the world benefit greatly from talking with a psychologist. Psychologists offer many benefits to one’s mental health, helping with anything from relationship issues to mental illnesses. 

Sometimes, issues come up that affect the entire family rather than just one individual. In these cases, it is best to seek out family therapy to help everyone in the family cope with the situation effectively. Many families enjoy stronger bonds and greater mental health after working through their problems together in therapy. Therefore, if your family is struggling with some overwhelming issues, you may wish to seek a psychologist yourself. Here are some of the common reasons why families seek out a psychologist. 


There is no greater sadness than that experienced after losing a loved one. Grief can make it very difficult to keep going in life and can affect the well-being of every member of the family. 

A psychologist can help the family come together during this time and process their grief together. They can help each member heal their intense feelings of sadness and find ways to experience joy again and move forward. The family learns to strengthen their bonds during this time and finds ways to rebuild their lives after such a significant loss. 

Mental Illness

Mental illness rarely affects just the diagnosed person. These conditions have a way of interfering with relationships and family bonds while also adding stress or tension to the household. Not only can a psychologist help treat the illness, but they can also provide a safe space for the family to talk about the condition. They can also offer strategies for coping and navigating the condition if it is an illness that cannot be cured or treated easily. 

Major Transitions

Life is full of transitions and changes. However, it’s not always easy to adjust to these changes, especially if they affect the whole family. For example, new births, moving, school changes, or evolving relationship dynamics can all be significant enough to affect all family members in the household. 

Furthermore, not everyone in the family will see eye-to-eye on how to handle these changes. There will often be disagreements and added tension and stress from the upheaval of the status quo. A psychologist can help family members discuss and communicate their conflicts in healthy ways so that they navigate the change as a bonded unit. Furthermore, a psychologist can help each member with the stress or mental health effects that may be created due to the transition. 


A divorce or separation is a major shock to the partners’ children. Even partners who handle the separation well cannot always shield their children from the emotional damage it causes. Psychologists can help these partners break away amicably and guide them on great strategies for co-parenting. Furthermore, they can work with the children to create a safe space to explore their emotions and guide them to accept and make peace with the breakup. 

Blended Families

Blended families are becoming more common. It is very typical now for two partners to come together and have children from previous relationships. However, integrating the two families can be a bit of a challenge. A psychologist can help with this adjustment period and encourage habits that will bring the families closer together until they form a stable and solid unit. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what difficulties your family is going through, a psychologist may be able to help. They are trained to assist with almost every situation imaginable and can provide emotional support and guidance every step of the way. If your family is struggling with an issue and can’t seem to overcome it, then don’t hesitate to contact a psychologist for help. For more information on psychologists and how they can help your family, head on over to BetterHelp

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