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Review | Newborn Essentials: Aquawipes Baby Wipes

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When we welcomed our newest addition, Felix Edward, into the world, there was one question on everybody’s lips: what brand of baby wipes are you going to be using?!

Okay, so I’m kidding, there were more important things to find out first like, what did he weigh, how was the birth and is he breast or bottle fed? But, naturally we did spend some time thinking about the brands we would use for nappies and wipes. There’s so many different varieties out there on the market now and I was pretty sure I’d tried them all with Dexter until Aquawipes got in touch and asked me to review their wipes; they were a brand I’d not actually heard of before.

Who are Aquawipes?

Aquawipes were designed and created by parents who had a daughter who suffered greatly with eczema. After looking into the ingredients in the wipes they were using, they realised many brands manufacture wipes with up to 15 chemicals in them which doesn’t seem right to use on such delicate skin. They also realised that the majority of wipes are not environmentally friendly, so they set about creating a wipe that was not only kind to baby’s skin, but also one that would not leave a footprint on our precious environment.

Aquawipes boast that they are 100% biodegradable, plastic, perfume and paraben free, suitable from birth and have a two year shelf life.

What are the wipes really like?

We were sent a few packs of wipes to test out and after a couple of years of using Morrison’s own brand wipes, I have to say I was really taken aback by the difference. Firstly, the wipes are much more robust than the ones we are used to using which surprised me considering the Aquawipes are biodegradable and our usual brand ones are not. Secondly, the wipes were really wet! I’m not just talking a bit damp here, these wipes are really Aquawipes by name and by nature. As Felix’s poos are still rather sloppy as he is on milk only, the wetness was a little too much, but for our toddler Dexter who is fully weaned, a decent quality wet baby wipe is a godsend with some of the nappies we have to change! I can imagine these wipes are going to come in very handy indeed when we reach poonami time with Felix.

Felix lying on his changing mat with a packet of Aquawipes in the background

Are Aquawipes good value for money?

Aquawipes are available on Amazon in bulk and work out at around 3p a wipe. For a baby wipe which is not only super wet, a decent quality and biodegradable, I find this to be excellent value, although naturally there are cheaper alternatives out there.

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Are Aquawipes perfect?

There are a couple of things I’d like to improve upon though if I was to pay 3p per wipe. Firstly, my biggest bug bear with baby wipes is pulling a wipe out of the pack and getting around three wipes. This is extremely wasteful, especially when you only needed one to clean up a wet nappy. Although it doesn’t happen as often as it does with certain brands, Aquawipes is guilty of this happening from time to time.

Secondly, I much prefer a pack with a plastic lid to keep the wipes from drying out, which is why I am such a fan of the Morrison’s own brand wipes. Aquawipes simply have a piece of plastic, but I must add that the wipes inside never dried out and again, unlike other brands, this piece of plastic was actually good enough to keep the pack closed inbetween nappy changes.

Aquawipes packet and some nappies stacked on a shelf

Our overall thoughts

Aquawipes have a new fan here and I’ll certainly be stocking up on a few packs to use alongside my usual Morrison’s wipes. I love how great they are for heavy duty nappy changes and I’ll be using them mainly on my toddler and in preparation for weaning six months down the line. I’m also a huge fan of the fact that they’re environmentally friendly which makes me feel better about our wipe usage and footprint on planet Earth.

You can purchase Aquawipes from Amazon, Ocado and Boots.

12 packs of 64 wipes will set you back around £25 working out at just over £2 per pack or 3p per wipe.

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