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Review: Nuby Travel Booster Seat

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Back in 2017, Nuby kindly sent us the Nuby travel booster seat and I created this review as we absolutely loved. Three years on and Dexter has transitioned from this booster seat to sitting at the table and since then we’ve had another baby who is now 18 months old and has been using the Nuby booster seat when we have been out and about since we started weaning at six months. If you’re thinking of purchasing this amazing booster seat, read on for my thoughts- some from back in 2017 when we used it first time around and some from now. 

I’ve been very open about both Dexter and Felix’s weaning journey from baby led weaning to toddler led feeding and it’s been incredible to watch them grow from a tiny babies who could just about stuff a tiny pancake in their mouths to a small children who uses cutlery to feed themselves while sat quietly at their Ikea table and chairs.

With Dexter, we used the high chair less and less until we found that he would eat most meals at home at their little table and chair, however this didn’t sit comfortably with me as it felt like he was segregated from us and mostly he was glued to the television while he wolfed his food down. I really wanted to have him sit at the table with us but in all honesty, despite him being tall for his age he wouldn’t have been able to sit comfortably on one of our chairs and he wouldn’t have been able to reach the food on the table.

Luckily this is where Nuby stepped in and offered us one of their travel booster seats and I am in love.

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What do we love about the Nuby Travel Booster Seat?

The Nuby booster seat will fit on any chair and you simply adjust the straps to secure it against the back of the chair and underneath. It comes with a padded bottom which boosts baby/toddler so he can reach the food on the table, as well as two clips so he can be securely strapped in with no concerns he will fall out.

Want to purchase the Nuby booster seat? It’s available on Amazon for less than £20. Click here

No longer do we need to worry if our favourite restaurant has a high chair available for us, the Nuby travel booster seat folds up to create a small satchel which you can conveniently carry on your shoulder along with your changing bag.

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Since the introducing the Nuby travel booster seat to Dexter, I noticed that he was more chatty during meal times and much more interactive. He was always trying to pinch food off my plate using his fork and trying to feed me food from his plate too. He watches with great interest as we eat and tries to mimic our actions by smacking his lips together and exclaiming FINISHED when he’s done.

Dexter sat in the Nuby travel booster seat reading a bookDexter sat in the Nuby booster seat reading a bookA close up shot of the Nuby travel booster seatDexter sat in the nuby booster seat

As much as I loved our high chair, I was kind of glad that period of our life was done and dusted and we were moving onto the next level. Mealtimes suddenly felt much more intimate and we felt more together as a family.

Want to purchase the Nuby travel booster seat? It’s available on Amazon for less than £20. Click here

Using the Nuby Booster seat with a younger baby

Dexter was a toddler when we started using this seat with him, but I was aware it could be used from six months onwards. When we travelled to Spain last summer, Felix was eight months old and we used the Nuby travel booster seat every single day. It is an invaluable tool to take away with you on holiday as it means you never have to worry about finding a highchair when you go out to eat or paying extra to have one in your apartment. 

We also found we ditched the highchair a lot more quickly than we did with Dexter because Felix was much more used to the seat from an early age. Not only is it great for when we eat together as a family, but it’s great for when I want to set up crafts at the table for both boys, such as painting, playing with play-doh or messing around with kinetic sand.

Felix enjoying the tuna pasta salad for babies - feeding himself with a fork whilst sat in the Nuby travel booster seat

If you are looking for a travel booster seat then I highly recommend this Nuby travel booster seat which is not only great for home but for anywhere you might go, whether that’s Nanna’s house or Pizza Hut!

Disclaimer: I was given this Nuby booster seat in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Saturday 5th of December 2020

I really liked this booster! It is really very practical and has a nice design. My son is now 1 year old and we still use a high chair. But we plan to switch to a booster soon. And probably we will choose NUBY


Tuesday 16th of April 2019

I found your website from Google and I need to say it was a fantastic find. Thanks!

Kirsty McManus

Tuesday 13th of February 2018

The NUBY stuff is fab - I'm not surprised this is great as well! We've not started looking at Boosters yet but I think we are going to have to soon as H is determined to sit at the table!


Saturday 17th of February 2018

Ahh little H - he's growing so fast! I've tried so many amazing Nuby products!

Emily Nellist / Babies and Beauty

Tuesday 13th of February 2018

Oh he's so beautiful! I feel you, I'm excited to get rid of the highchair now if I'm honest, we barely use it anymore. This looks so handy for days out, or even when we pop around to friends / families who don't have a high chair.


Saturday 17th of February 2018

It certainly is! Yup those pesky child free friends!!

Lisa (mummascribbles)

Tuesday 13th of February 2018

We have a very similar one to this that we bought at Christmas when we were going to visit family. He wasn't the biggest fan at the time but I think I'll be trying it again because he's a bit annoyed with his high chair and it would be nice to not need that clunky thing anymore!


Saturday 17th of February 2018

Oh they take up so much space don't they?!