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Stress-Free Travel: How to Prepare for Your Flight with Kids

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This month, I am off on my first ever solo trip with Dexter. After a wonderful 10 days away in Dubai, I couldn’t wait too much longer before booking my next holiday, but sadly as my husband couldn’t get the time off work, it’s just going to me and the eldest. I have been doing tons of research to figure out how to prepare to ensure our trip goes as smoothly as possible, so here are some top tips I’ll be undertaking to prepare for our flight.

Top tips for planning for a flight with kids

  • Pack carefully
  • Choose the right flight time
  • Be prepared for emergencies
  • Keep them entertained
  • Plan for snacks
  • Dress appropriately
  • Allow extra time

Let’s look at each in turn.

dex and felix at dubai airport

Pack carefully

Make a checklist of essential items to bring such as snacks, water bottles, wipes, cuddly toys, extra clothes, and any necessary medications. Whenever we have travelled in the past, Dex has always carried his own backpack which he can fill with his own items such as his precious bunny, iPad, snacks and anything else he might need.

Be sure to check you’ve got everything packed when you get off the plane – we made this mistake when getting off the plane in Heathrow and lost Dexter’s precious bunny! Not an experience I want to repeat!

Choose the right flight time

Try to schedule your flight during your child’s normal sleep time to minimize disruptions to their schedule. Budget airlines often fly at awkward times, either landing very late at night or taking off ridiculously early in the morning. As we will be travelling alone, I have planned the flight so we land at the nice time of 6pm and when we return home, we take off in the late morning so we don’t have to rush to the airport in the middle of the night. 

Be prepared for emergencies

There are many emergencies that can happen throughout the course of a trip, whether that’s a medical emergency, a cancelled flight or extreme weather. 

If you do end up encountering a cancelled flight, then a company like AirHelp can help you claim compensation. A few years ago Neil and I were delayed coming back from Australia and we were able to claim enough to pay for our flights to Thailand the following year!

Ensure you have travel insurance to cover for all eventualities and always have your wits about you so you don’t resort to panic mode if something does go wrong. 

Keep them entertained

Bring books, toys, and electronic devices to keep your children entertained during the flight. Consider downloading specific kids apps, movies, TV shows, or games in advance to avoid relying on in-flight entertainment.

felix sleeping on the plane

Plan for snacks

Pack healthy snacks and drinks to keep your children nourished during the flight. Avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks, as they can cause children to become hyperactive. Packing snacks also will save you a small fortune at the airport or on the plane!

Dress appropriately

Dress your children in comfortable, breathable clothing that is easy to remove and put back on during security checks. Bring a hoodie or light jacket in case the plane gets chilly and be prepared to have warmer clothes for when you get your return flight to the UK!

Allow extra time

Give yourself plenty of time to check in, go through security, and board the plane. This will help reduce stress and minimize the chances of missing your flight. There is nothing worse than having to rush around in a panic and anyway, the earlier you get to the airport, the more fun you can have watching the planes take off from the runway!


Travelling with kids can be a daunting experience, but with proper preparation, you can make the journey much smoother and stress-free. By packing carefully, choosing the right flight time and seats, keeping your children entertained, planning for snacks, dressing appropriately, allowing extra time, and being prepared for emergencies, you can help ensure a successful trip. With these tips in mind, I’m hoping I will be able to relax and enjoy our upcoming trip, arriving in Majorca refreshed and ready to explore! 

Share this post with your friends!