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Baby Led Weaning: Snack Ideas

16th April 2017

Dexter has reached that age where he has started to reduce his milk intake and requires a snack of an afternoon to keep him going.  I like to offer a mixture of pre-packaged snacks and home made ones depending on where we are and what we are doing. These are some of our favourite baby led weaning snacks, including snacks on the go.

Baby Led Weaning Snacks

Yoghurt Pouches

Giving yoghurt on a preloaded spoon can be a messy business and really, when it is snack time, you want it to be a quick and easy affair. I found some yoghurt pouches in Morrisons from The Collective which baby can hold and squeeze into his mouth. You can also buy pouches from Amazon and fill them yourself with greek or natural yoghurt and fruit puree if you want to keep it more natural.


Kiddylicious Wafers

baby led weaning snacks: perfect for on the go are kiddylicious wafers

These wafers are so popular among the Mums I know. They come in a wide range of flavours and contain no gluten, milk, nuts, egg, artificial colours/flavours or added preservatives. When Dex gets a little tetchy when we are out and about in the pram, one of these wafers usually sates him until we can sit down for some proper food and the best bit is there is no mess!

Ryvita Crackerbreads

I love Ryvita crackerbreads, they are perfect for baby led weaning because they are easy to pick up and even easier for baby to chew/gum. I like to spread tahini on them to give an added iron boost, but hummus, peanut butter or avocado works pretty well too.

Egg Muffins

An egg muffin is a great healthy snack especially if you’ve packed it full of yummy veg. What’s more, they are super filling and should keep baby going until his next feed/meal.

Oat Bakes

Healthy and popular with baby? Sounds good to me. These blueberry and banana oat bakes from Devon Mama are the perfect snack time treat and super simple to bake too!


Pinwheels are also a great little snack that you can premake and then grab out of the freezer. They are tasty and filling and super healthy if you pack the full of veggies. I love things that I can batch make and I always have an endless supply of pinwheels going in my freezer.

Ella’s Kitchen Melty Puffs

baby led weaning snacks, ella's kitchen melty puffs perfect blw snack for on the go

Melty puffs are organic crisp like snacks perfect for babies who need a little on the go snack. They come in a vast range of flavours but Dex’s favourites are the carrot and parsnip ones.

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Homemade Cookies

I have a delicious recipe for peanut butter, banana and oat cookies which are great to eat as a little afternoon snack and healthy too. What’s more these cookies can be frozen so they’re another fantastic on the go snack that can be batch made. To be honest, they don’t often last too long in this house! Especially with my husband around.

Piece of Fruit

Who can forget the traditional piece of fruit. A satsuma, plum, banana or apple is a great afternoon snack. Now he is older, I take the stone out of the plum and give him the two halves to eat. He sucks out the flesh and spits on the skin. Satsumas, I break into segments and bananas I slice. I still like to microwave apples in a little water, so they are tender, but not completely soggy. He is also a huge fan of grapes, which I quarter; blueberries, which I squish and tomatoes which I also quarter.

Organix Rice Cakes

baby led weaning snacks: organix rice cakes, another blw snack on the go

Organix have so many great snacky products but my favourite have to be their rice cakes. I love that I can spread a bit of peanut butter on them or give them as is when we are out and about in the pram.

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Sugar Free Lemon Cake

This recipe yields around eight slices of lemon cake, so it’s a great one to cook and then divide up for a tasty snack over a few days for the whole family. The best bit? This recipe doesn’t contain any added sugar so it’s a delicious treat for baby that you don’t need to feel guilty about!

Veg Sticks

I love to cut up fingers of cucumber, pepper and carrot to offer Dex as a little snack. They’re great for soothing sore gums when he is teething and let him practise chewing on something a little harder. Can’t get much healthier than a veg stick!

Fruity Muffins

I adore this recipe from My Fussy Eater (who, by the way, has hundreds of delicious recipes on her blog) which uses banana, avocado and apple to create yummy healthy muffins which can be enjoyed by baby, if they havn’t all been snaffled by the husband or toddler first!

I hope this post has given you some inspiration for some baby led weaning snack ideas. What do you offer your baby for a snack? Anything I’ve missed?

A list of easy peasy snacks suitable for babies who are following baby led weaning (BLW) easy snacks for moms to prepare for when you're out and about or just at home.


  • Devon Mama

    17th April 2017 at 7:29 am

    Some great ideas, we seem to go between snacks depending on his mood in the week but currently we’re back on the rice cakes! That or plums, he’s obsessed with plum!!

  • Becky – MommyandRory

    27th April 2017 at 11:58 pm

    So great idea here! We eat a lot of similar snacks, Rorys favourite at the moment is cheese! #humpdaylink

  • Lucy | Real Mum Reviews

    2nd May 2017 at 9:00 pm

    Some fab snack ideas here – we’ve resorted to giving Neve these as she opens her mouth enough for these that I can shove the purée in when she’s not looking ? #HumpDayLinky

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