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Thanksgiving Leftovers for Babies | Baby Led Weaning Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had the most wonderful day with your family eating incredible food, but now you’re searching for things to make with the leftovers right? This post is all about Thanksgiving leftovers for babies. A compilation of recipes that your whole family – baby included – can indulge in during Thanksgiving weekend, using the leftovers from the big day!

Don’t let a single scrap go to waste. Find an incredible recipe of your dreams in this list and best of all – share it with your baby too!

*Use your common sense with some of these recipes. Most of them are not recipes designed with babies in mind, but if you’re following baby led weaning, they should be fine to share. If the recipes contain salt, try to omit it where possible and take all usual precautions in terms of how you serve these Thanksgiving leftovers to your baby. Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving Leftovers for Babies

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