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Best Baby Led Weaning Highchair | Best Highchairs for Baby Led Weaning

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Thinking about getting started with baby led weaning and looking for the very best baby led weaning highchair? There’s tons of highchairs out there on the market and it can be difficult to know which one to choose for the best. Read on for our list of the best highchairs for baby led weaning, including links to comprehensive reviews which will tell you everything you need to know!

IKEA Antilop

The IKEA Antilop is probably the cheapest baby led weaning highchair out there at only £12 and yet people are still unsure whether or not they should buy.

We used the IKEA Antilop when weaning Felix and I have to say it absolutely did the job.

I loved how you could detach the tray and seat and throw it in the dishwasher for an easy clean. The tray was also huge which meant the food stayed on the tray really well, instead of being inadvertently swept onto the floor.

I would say the only downside is that it doesn’t feel that comfortable, but you can buy inserts to make things more comfy for baby.

We used this highchair until Felix was around 10 months old and then switched to the Joie Mimzy Snacker. I started getting frustrated that it always seemed to be in the way and wanted a foldable option.

Read the full IKEA Antilop highchair review here.

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Felix sat in Ikea Antlilop high chair eating baby led weaning raspberry muffins

Joie Mimzy Snacker

We used the Joie Mimzy Snacker with Dexter from around 9 months and with Felix from around 10 months.

When they were six months old, they seemed to slump in this chair, even though they were more than ready to start weaning, so that put me off at first.

However, the Joie Mimzy Snacker is a great option for baby led weaning. It folds away nicely, the tray is fully detachable and the seat can be wiped clean. There is no need to purchase a separate seat insert to make the highchair comfortable and at around £60, it’s a bargain!

Our Joie Mimzy has lasted us four years and let me tell you, with the mess that comes with baby led weaning, it’s had a battering! I’ve removed the straps more time than I can mention to bleach them from their brown colour black to gleaming white!

Read the full Joie Mimzy Snacker highchair review here.

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Dexter wearing a pink plastic bib, sat in his joie mimzy snacker highchair with food all over the tray

OXO Tot Sprout

At £120, the OXO Tot Sprout is definitely at the higher end of the market and yet is still quite a bit cheaper than some others on this list.

This highchair promises to grow with your child and last until they’re five years old – a very sound investment indeed!

This highchair like the other two before it, comes with a detachable tray which makes clean up effortless. It also has a five point harness to keep your baby super safe when they’re strapped in!

Read the full OXO Tot Sprout high chair review here

Stokke Tripp Trapp

At nearly £300, the Stokke Tripp Trapp is certainly quite an investment to make, but is it worth it?

The colours the Stokke Tripp Trapp come in are absolutely stunning and this highchair will really match the kitchen – if you’re bothered about that sort of thing.

It promises to grow with your child and can hold weight up to 85kg – which is more than I weigh!

Is it the best baby led weaning highchair simply because it’s got the highest price tag? I am not so sure. I absolutely love the way it looks, but the price tag is nearly £300 before even adding the padded cushions and detachable tray.

As gorgeous as a wooden highchair is, I am not sure it is totally practical – but that’s just my opinion.

Read the full Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair review here

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Baby Björn

The Baby Björn highchair is another pricey one – retailing at around £200. It’s ergonomic, can be wiped clean and your baby can sit in it without the need for straps – something that might tick a box when looking for the best baby led weaning highchair.

I particularly love the pastel colours this chair comes in – turquoise and pink and interestingly, baby slides into the chair from the side, saving you having to lift them and hurting your back.

Read the full Baby Björn highchair review here

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Cosatto Supa Noodle

The Cosatto Supa Noodle is a mid-range highchair, retailing for £120. Suitable for babies from 6 months up to three years, the Cosatto Supa Noodle has a really funky design that looks really cool.

This isn’t the best baby led weaning highchair if you’re short on space – it doesn’t really fold that to a decent small size – but the chair is super comfortable, looks great and comes with an inbuilt tray.

Read the full Cosatto Supa Noodle high chair review here

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The best of the rest…

Which is the best baby led weaning highchair?

I really think this is a hard one to answer as it really is based on personal preference and your current living situation.

For us, first time around, the IKEA Antliop would have been a nightmare as we were living in a small flat. However, second time around I loved using it during those early weaning days.

We have loved using the Joie Mimzy Snacker over the years – but does it look super cute in the kitchen? Nope, not really! If I’d had the money, I probably would have splashed out on a Stokke Tripp Trapp instead, but funds were tight during maternity leave.

Do your research into the best highchairs for baby led weaning, list your must haves etc and make an informed decision. I do hope this post has helped.

What about after the weaning process?

Once we were done with weaning, we moved onto a booster seat so that the boys could sit at the table with us. We love the Nuby Travel Booster Seat which again has been used and abused by both boys and lasted us a good four years!

Felix eating tuna pasta salad using a fork and his hands

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