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Flying With A Baby: Top Tips To Make Your Life Easier

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Today, I am joined by Belinda from Baby in a Stroller who is sharing her tips on travelling with a baby. We have only had one trip abroad so far, but we have another one planned for October and it’s definitely something that needs careful planning. Take it away Belinda with your top tips for flying with a baby. 

It’s a few months until Christmas and for most people it’s a time they eagerly look forward to. It’s the time of the year when family members get together rehashing the past year and are just generally being thankful for family and loved ones. Your family members can’t wait to meet the latest addition to your family and you can’t wait to introduce the little one to them either but what they may not take into consideration is how much planning and organization will go into making that trip back home.

For adults flying alone, it’s often not that big of an issue. While it can be a lot of work planning a trip, there’s usually not much preparation needed for the flight itself. But travelling with an infant is an entirely different ball game; infants have needs we have to take into consideration when planning an flight. It doesn’t even have to be a trip back home for Christmas, it could as well be a trip to Disneyland or a vacation somewhere fun and sunny.

Whatever the scenario, it’s best to prepare in advance and that starts by making sure your baby has been okayed by a pediatrician to fly. There are also a bunch of items you will need to pack as well as documents you need to have for you and your baby.

Here’s a great infographic that you may find really helpful when planning a trip with your baby.

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Hayley - Devon Mama

Friday 8th of September 2017

Good idea to have tape handy for babyproofing - I just spend my time shouting 'no' and frantically shutting cupboard doors!!