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What Is the Best Way To Arrange Dining Room Furniture?

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The dining room is the heart of your household and one of the areas that see the highest traffic flow during the day. When it comes down to arranging furniture in the dining area, it is important to analyse your space and understand what type of dining room you are looking for. 

Once you are sure about your style, you can proceed to place the most important pieces of furniture – as well as the table. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations if this is your first time designing a room – or get some great dining room furniture ideas at Furniture in Fashion.

Decide on Your Style

Some living rooms are more formal, and the main dining table is designed to host up to 20 seats. The seats are marked by a set of matching chairs, and the room is usually entirely dedicated to dining purposes. 

While styling this room might require you the help of an expert, most dining rooms today are either informal or part of an open-plan, multi-purpose space. In this case, you should consider downsizing your furniture or opt for items that can be smartly concealed, such as stools and benches.

Consider Traffic Flow

One of the most important aspects to consider when designing your dining room space is traffic flow. Indeed, you and your family should not change your habits because of the dining room set up. Instead, you should create a dining room that matches the normal traffic flow in your household. 

Therefore, you should be mindful to keep entry and exit ways free, and there should be at least two feet of space between the chair and the wall behind them. This will allow guests to sit comfortably and ensure that a host can easily serve everybody at the table. 

Use Cabinets

Cabinets can save your living room from looking cluttered and too full. Indeed, most of the time, you will need to store plates and silverware away but have them ready when your guests or a family member are around. 

You can achieve the best results by placing some glass-fronted cabinets alongside the walls in your dining room. This will make it easier for you to have access to all of your utensils, but it will also keep the dining room streamlined, airy, and comfortable.

Place the Table in the Centre

Lastly, place your table. Ideally, you should place the table in the centre of the room, or at least away from the walls. This will allow you to benefit from extra space and ensure to have the number of seats you need to accommodate every one of your guests. When placing the table, make sure to leave enough space around it to ensure a natural traffic flow. 

Additionally, the lighting fixture must fall over the centre of the table. However, instead of moving the table to match your lighting fixtures, you should consider moving those towards the table. In this way, you can have your dining furniture perfectly located at the centre of the room, and the lighting to create the right atmosphere around it.

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