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What to Get Your Baby Daddy for Father’s Day

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So, the two of you broke up, but you’re trying to keep a good relationship with your baby daddy in order to do right by your child. Good for you! Maintaining good relations with your ex-partner is really hard, but is so important for the welfare of your child. If you’re trying to be the bigger (wo)man and go as far as to sort out a Father’s Day gift for your baby daddy, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of the best gifts to get your baby daddy for Father’s Day.

Baby Daddy Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

  • A nice card
  • Something personalised
  • A framed photo
  • Tickets for a day out
  • Nothing (controversial, but let’s see why!)

Let’s look at each option in turn…

Neil, cary baby Felix and Dexter, carrying a plastic sword walking up the beige path to Dundonald castle

A nice card

Getting your baby daddy a card is probably about as much as you need to do in order to stay cordial with the father of your child. It may be worth choosing that card carefully though in order to avoid any conflict or confusion of feelings.

Avoid rude cards or anything that expresses too much feeling or emotion (unless of course you’re hoping to get back together?!). Instead stick to cute cards that express how much your child loves their father and be sure to choose one that suits your child’s personality.

Something personalised

There’s no better gift than a personalised gift. Google personalised gifts and you’ll come across thousands of options. What your baby daddy likes and loathes will of course depend on what you choose but anything you can get that has a little piece of your child attached to it will always be a winner in the Father’s Day gift stakes.

A framed photo

Surely you have some snaps of your child and baby daddy together and if so one of the most cost effective ways to gift them for Father’s Day is to print out the photo and frame it.

There’s no better way for your baby daddy to show off his prowess as the best dad in the world than by showcasing a framed photo of him and his kid on the mantlepiece.

Dexter wearing green shorts and red arm bands stood on the beach next to the incoming tide holding hands with his daddy

Tickets for a day out

If you want to get something for your baby daddy, but also want to make sure your child benefits from the gift, why not purchase some tickets for a day out.

Whether its a river cruise, a trip to the zoo or a day in Legoland, your kid will have the time of his life and all of the annoying parenting will be down to your baby daddy and not you. Winner!


Controversial I know, but how about getting your baby daddy nothing for Father’s Day. If they’ve been horrible to you in the past and tend to be difficult when it comes to communication, feel inspired to give them nothing. After all, what did they get you for Mother’s Day? If the answer is nothing…then respond in kind!

Enjoy Father’s Day Responsibly…

Whatever you decide to do enjoy this Father’s Day responsibly. Give the gift of a simple present or indeed, nothing and then enjoy the time away from your child while your baby daddy assumes all responsibility.

I hope this post has helped you find out what to get your baby daddy for father’s day!

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