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2017 // February

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Another month has come to an end in 2017. I know this is a short month, but my gosh, time really has flown this month. It feels like it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was writing the January round up.

If you hover over the photo above you will see arrows and can flick through my favourite photos from February.

This month Dexter turned 9 months old. Sometimes I wonder how he is nine months old, it feels like he should only be six or seven, but then other times I think he should be much older. It’s a very strange feeling.

It was Grandma’s birthday this month. In my Our Plans for the Year post I had stated that we would go to Wales, however Grandma and Grandad came over to us. It was a lovely day. Neil blew up some balloons and I organised a little buffet involving fresh bread, roast chicken, salad and party rings. You can’t have a party without party rings!

The beginning of the month saw us go for a little day out to Pili Palas on the isle of Anglesey. It was fab to see Dexter have so much fun seeing all the new animals. The only problem was that a day later, Neil and I were struck down with Norovirus (or perhaps Rotovirus as Dexter seemed untouched by it) and we were practically bed bound for three days. (When I say practically, Neil was in bed for the full three days, I had to get up on the second day and get stuff done!) Dexter was a little treasure on the first day we we were ill. It was the first time I had been ill like that for many, many years. It is not easy when you have a baby to look after either.

Valentine’s Day came and went without incident. We do usually go out for a meal, but obviously with it being on a school night and having a baby, we didn’t bother to do anything special which was a shame. Neil was kind enough to get me a beautiful gift though, so thank you Neil. I have to say the primer is one of the best I have ever used.

My prezzies from Neil. Thank you @daddytodex ???

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The highlight of the month has to be our trip away to the Derbyshire Dales. We drove towards Chesterfield on the Monday of half term, stopping in Buxton, Bakewell and Matlock Bath before spending the night in Chesterfield’s ibis hotel. That evening we had a lovely meal out at Harvester. Dexter had a kids meal and lots of pasta and pineapple from the salad bar while Neil and I pigged out on a burger and a mixed grill with unlimited Pepsi. The following day we met up with my Instagram friend Clare and her little boy Rory in Chester’s Den which is a soft play centre located in Chesterfield’s football ground. It was lovely to see Rory as we hadn’t seen him since he was around four months old. Later, we drove onto Ashbourne and had a Costa Coffee while Dex demolished a pouch, before driving back home to Liverpool. It was a lovely couple of days spent as a family.

This month saw us booking a holiday! It’s going to be our first holiday since August 2015 when we went to France as a twosome. We are travelling in April for four days to Majorca along with my Dad. It will only be a short trip to see how Dex copes with flying and semi hot weather. I am so excited because it will have been two years since I went on a plane. (I used to fly several times a year so two years without flying is unheard of here!!)

Finally, the biggest thing to happen this month were my KIT days. I spent two days in Chester and two days in Liverpool working. I have to admit I did enjoy getting out of the house for a few hours and enjoyed the branch manager meeting and seeing my old colleagues once more. KIT days are such a fantastic idea as they transition you nicely back into work. Only 10 more weeks until I go back full time which will be difficult I am sure.

All in all, a very eventful month, although it really has passed by in a flash.

See you next month for another round up. Hopefully the weather will be much better by then.

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Wednesday 1st of March 2017

Being a mum and being sick is one of the worse parts of being a parent.

Devon Mama

Wednesday 1st of March 2017

So jealous of your holiday plans - is there room for a little one (and his mum) in the case as well?! Dex is growing so quickly these days, he definitely looks like a proper little boy now rather than a baby... sob!! x