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Our Plans for the Year

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This post is going to be all about my hopes and dreams for 2017. I am hoping I will be able to find the time to reflect each month and post about whether or not I achieved what I wanted to do. My dream is that 2017 is going to be a big year for the Hughes family. We have big plans….


I expect this to be quite a quiet month for us here. It’s my Dad’s birthday early on in the month, so hopefully we will get to go over to Wales and celebrate with him. I would like to be in regular contact with work by the end of month and organise some KIT days. We got a new Crock Pot for Christmas so I’d like to spend some time making new recipes and cooking healthy and delicious dinners for us all. It will be nice to take Dexter around the museums of Liverpool during the rainy days.


Another month, another birthday. This time my Mum’s. Again, we would like to make sure we celebrate this special occasion over in Wales. Half term will be upon us as well, which means a week off school for my husband. It would be great to organise some day trips during this time- a visit to the soft play, Chester zoo or maybe even a couple of days away somewhere local. Maybe by now we have won the lottery (or started playing!) and we can fly somewhere hot and far away!


By now, the weather will be easing and the days will be longer. I love March because it is the first month of the year that has daylight after 5pm. I hope to go on lovely walks along the waterfront with Dexter and take him to the parks of Liverpool. I want to visit all the parks before we (hopefully) move at the end of the year. I want to take advantage of the longer days by sitting out on the balcony with Dexter and watching the ships and boats pass by.


It’s my birthday during this month and usually we fly away somewhere hot and exotic for a two week break. For the first time ever, my husband will actually be in work on my birthday. Easter must be late this year. I would like to go away for a week or ten days, but in reality I have to think about money. It would be nice if we could find a cheapish place to go, perhaps Majorca, to get a little sun before I return to work. I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on flight prices in the New Year.


This is going to be a bittersweet month for me, I know it. Dexter will turn one year old on the 20th and just a couple of weeks before that I will be returning to work. I can’t say I am not looking forward to returning, but it will be hard to leave my little boy for five days a week. This month I want us to have a party to celebrate Dexter’s birthday. Lots of presents, balloons and banners, and a big cake. I’m hoping my return to work will be in a branch local to me. That is my biggest hope for 2017.


Summer is here! I will be back in work full time so every day off will be precious. The nights will be light and I will race home from work to see my baby. We will spend my days off going for long walks in the sunshine, crafting at home, cuddling up and watching TV on the sofa and cooking lovely meals. We can spend the lighter evenings reading on the balcony, going for little drives around the city and eating tea al fresco. I hope there will be hot summer days when we can go to the beach.


This is the month that we will hopefully reach our savings target for the deposit for our house. Hopefully we will be in contact with our mortgage broker and we can start the ball rolling on sorting out a mortgage. We did try last year, but we realised that we didn’t have quite as much money as we needed and we needed to have a good year of sorting out our finances. I would love to spend this month, looking at houses online and picking out a few of my favourites to go and view.


It’s my husband’s birthday this month and also his big 12 hour time trial race. I want to do the same as we did in 2016 and take him away to a spa to recover afterwards. We went to the Titanic Hotel in 2016, I would love to go back there or perhaps try 30 James Street. I hope I can also take a week or two off work during this month just to chill and relax with my family. Perhaps we have found a house by now, so I won’t want to take any time off and instead wait until it is time to move. I hope we spend every one of my days off wisely and do things together as a family. I’d love to take a day trip to Morecambe, spend a day on Formby beach, visit Conwy, spend a couple of days down at my sister in law’s house and drive up to Scotland for a day or two.


My husband is back to work now after six weeks off and I would like to think we are getting very close to sorting our new home. I imagine this to be a hard month after Neil having six weeks off for the summer. It’s always a bit depressing to go back to work after that amount of time off. Autumn will quickly be approaching, I’d love to take Dexter to Blackpool to see the illuminations and go conker picking. Perhaps Dexter is in nursery one or two days a week.


Another half term holiday falls this month and it would be nice to get away for a couple of days and do a city break. Hopefully money won’t be as tight now. I will have been back in work for a good few months and we will have finished saving so will have a few extra hundred pounds a month. I would love to take Dexter to Paris, Rome or Berlin. If our new home is sorted, I’d like to start thinking about a new car. Mine will now be 7.5 years old and the two doors are becoming increasingly frustrating. Hopefully, Neil is (finally) learning to drive and we spend the last few light nights practising in Costco car park. Finally, I want to take Dexter pumpkin picking again. He’ll be old enough to run around the patch this year.


It’s the month of Christmas and it will be the first one Dexter will be able to understand. I want to splash out and get him some lovely new toys and clothes. I hope by now we are in our new house and we can host Christmas in our first proper home as a family. I want to cook a full Turkey dinner with prawns to start and chocolate cake for dessert.


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Devon Mama

Wednesday 4th of January 2017

Sounds like a busy year ahead. I know how you feel about work, I was really dreading it but now it's days away I'm more excited/nervous than terrified like I was a couple months ago! Fingers crossed all goes to plan (November would be my aim for preggo plans too - just need to convince the husband!)


Sunday 1st of January 2017

Busy year for you! Enjoy :) I remember the feeling of going back to work. ox


Tuesday 3rd of January 2017

It's the one thing I'm dreading. Yet, at the same time I'm looking forward to it? Weird.

Mummy Times Two

Saturday 31st of December 2016

What an incredible year you've had! I really enjoyed reading this, wishing you and your family a really happy new year.


Tuesday 3rd of January 2017

Thank you! Same to you and your family.