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3 Must Have Blogging Tools for 2020

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When it comes to blogging, there are so many tools and services you can invest in, but which ones are the must-have products for 2020? Whether you’re a mummy blogger, fitness blogger, lifestyle  blogger or travel blogger, these three blogging tools will be a sound investment for you to make in 2020.

Lightweight laptop

A lightweight laptop is a must for every blogger. Although phones are amazing these days, you cannot beat blogging on a laptop as it is so much easier to make changes, such as updating plugins and completing blogmin such as broken backlinks, link building and updating old posts for SEO purposes. I am a total Mac convert since starting my job in digital marketing and the laptop I really recommend is the Macbook Air. These laptops are so easy to carry around with you thanks to how lightweight they are, plus they are super speedy so you can make quick changes whilst you’re on the go. I also love how long the charge lasts on Macbooks – giving you much longer battery life than a traditional laptop. I will definitely be investing in a Macbook Air in 2020!

Unique backdrops

Backdrops are great for all bloggers – even travel bloggers who you may assume would rely on travel photography alone. Unique painting backdrops  are fantastic even for travel bloggers who need to do flat-lays every once in a while after all, backdrops are the perfect base on which to lay your props! Backdrops have been invaluable when I have been doing recipe posts over the years and make taking lifestyle photography so much easier. I couldn’t live without my backdrops now!

A fantastic phone

woman on the phone

This year I have invested in a Google Pixel 4 which has the most amazing camera and means I don’t have to think about buying a ‘proper’ camera. I also love how all my Google stuff is on my phone direct from my laptop – Google forms, docs, sheets and Gmail to name a few. As well as work converting me from Windows to Mac, I am now also a lover of using Google Sheets instead of Excel (sorry Bill Gates!) and I can’t believe I never used them before! I also have Lightroom installed on my phone, an amazing way to edit your photos and if you really want to push the boat out, investing in two or three excellent presets will set your blog and Instagram apart!

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Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list of everything you need as a blogger, but these are my three favourite blogging tools for 2020!

What are your must-haves as a blogger?

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