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3 Stunning + Practical Hairstyles for Working Mums

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When you’re a working Mum it is so important to get your hair right. Not only do you want your hair to look good when you’re in work, it needs to be practical so it’s tied out of the way of sticky toddler hands, but also super quick to style so you’re not wasting loads of time in the mornings. Here are my three go-to working Mum hair styles. They are simple to create, super stylish and most importantly, I don’t lose any hair from it being grabbed at by my baby who seems intent on puling it out by the clump load when I have it flowing freely.

Pigtail french braids

Nicola holding felix in baby carrier while dexter eats a chocolate covered marshmallow in camp smokey

One of my favourite hairstyles are pigtail french braids. I chose this hairstyle when I was in labour with Felix as it is the perfect way to keep hair off your face and takes only a few minutes to style. I create this look by parting my hair in half and then braiding the left side from the top of my head, using a french braid style. I then repeat on the right hand side. An added plus of this hairstyle are the waves you are left with when you undo the braids. I love to wear my hair like this on a Friday if we are off out on a date night that evening!

Mum bun

Nicola and Dex in the pool at the Costa Encantada lloret de mar

The Mum bun is the absolute classic when it comes to dealing with your hair when you have kids. Simple, yet effective – the Mum bun takes seconds to create, keeps your hair well out the way, but looks so cool too. I prefer the messy look by lifting up all my hair on the top of my head and then twisting until a bun forms. You could also use a hair doughnut to create a more defined bun. If you don’t have enough hair to get a bun on top of your head, clip in hair extensions can help -. get dreamy hair in Lilyhair.

Hairband braid

Nicola lifting a yellow tax in the MARVEL SUPER HEROES area at Madame Tussauds Blackpool

One hairstyle I am always asked about is my hairband braid. I divide my hair into two sections and start braiding from the left hand side, right across my crown and back behind my right eat creating a hair band braid. It literally takes me minutes to create but looks like it’s been professionally created at a hair salon. The best bit? Hair is totally out of my face whilst working and I don’t need to worry about little hands pulling on it when I’m back home again or doing the nursery drop off. Again, a lack of hair can be an issue – thankfully I have really thick hair, but if you struggle, a hairpiece or wig may be the answer to create the illusion of lovely thick locks. All kinds of wigs can be found in Nia.

Let me know your favourite hairstyle as a working mum.

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