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6 Must-Have Items That’ll Make Your New Mum Life Easier

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Becoming a new parent is nerve-wracking. It can feel like your jumping in at the deep end without a float, no matter how much preparation you’ve done. And everyone has a tip, trick, or product recommendation that worked for them. But you’ll end up with so many product endorsements that you’ll have no idea where to start.

But never fear. This list contains 6 items that are must-haves in your new parent journey. They’re chosen because they’ll make your life easier. And there’s no better reason to select an item than one that’ll make everything simpler in a time when you’re running on fumes. 

Image by Lisa via Pexels

  1. A Travel System

Everyone will tell you that a car seat and pushchair are essential. And they’re not wrong. They are absolutely necessary for getting from point A to point B with your little one. But buying them all separately gets expensive. And you’ll end up with several different ones that do other things.

Enter the travel system. Getting a pushchair that converts into a car seat and back will make life much easier. And it’s much kinder on your purse strings. A good travel system means you can slide a car set out of the car and hook it straight into the pushchair base. And when your kids get older, you can use the pushchair part once the baby car seat becomes redundant. 

  1. A Portable Sleep System

When babies are little, they sleep a lot. And you’ll want to have them around you as much as possible. This is where a portable sleep system comes in.

A portable sleep system is basically a fancy way of describing a cot chair or baby Moses basket. They’re easy to move, and you can get ones that have attachable toys to keep little ones busy when they’re not sleeping. Always get one that works for you and your home. Many can be folded down, and others can be doubled up as a travel cot. 

  1. A Baby Carrier

There are many names for a baby carrier, and you might have heard them called a papoose. Having one makes your life easier because the baby will be safely strapped to you. Meaning you can get on with daily life without worrying about what trouble they get into. Plus, they’re great for when you’re out and about and just don’t want to get the stroller out. 

A great tip before you commit to one, though, is to try it on. Look for one that’s easily adjustable and evenly distributes the weight. An adjustable baby carrier means they’ll grow with your child, and your partner can take a turn too. 

Image by Helena Lopes via Pexels

  1. Wipeable Everything

Babies make a mess. A lot of it. Especially when it comes time to wean them onto food. Expect carrots to be mushed and thrown all over. Because of this, you want everything to be easy to clean.

It’s especially worthwhile getting a high chair that you can wipe down. As mentioned before, mealtimes can get messy. Save yourself the trouble of washing everything because you’ll already have enough washing to do, and get a wipeable high chair. 

  1. Teething Toys

When it comes time for teething, you’ll want to do everything you can to make the pain stop. It’s distressing to see. So invest in quality toys for little ones to munch on, and it’ll help mountains.

One that parents swear by is Sophie La Girafe. No one sure exactly why Sophie works so well, but she does, and that’s all you need to know. Plus, she’s made from natural rubber and squeaks when you squeeze her, so it’s helpful and fun. Although that squeaking might get old quite quickly!

  1. A Portable Breast Pump

If you plan on nursing your baby, you’ll want a breast pump that’s powerful and efficient. And most importantly, you’ll want a portable one. Having a portable one means it’s easy to travel with when you go on holiday. And you don’t have to wait to express because you’re chained to the corded one at home. It also means you can get stuff done while you express. Multi-tasking is the key to making your life as a new parent easier. 

Image by nappy via Pexels

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