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AD | Celebrating a 4th Birthday on Lockdown

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Lockdown has put the end to so many birthday plans, hasn’t it? Being unable to see family, organise birthday parties and go shopping for presents has put a dampener on the whole birthday thing. Our family has had two birthdays during quarantine: mine and our newly-turned four year old. I was feeling pretty rubbish about my little dude having to spend his special day under lockdown, but thanks to the power of the Internet, things weren’t quite as bad as I thought they would be. What do you get a 4 year old for his birthday when you’re under lockdown? Read on to find out what we did to make our little boy’s 4th birthday as special as possible!

The presents

What are the best toys for a 4 year old boy? Paw Patrol and monster trucks of course! This lockdown birthday was definitely a Paw Patrol themed birthday after the weeks and weeks he has spent watching it endlessly on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Dex was spoilt with a Sea Patroller, tons of Sea Patroller figures, a remote control Monster truck and loads of Lego. Getting hold of presents under lockdown was pretty easy thanks to sites like Amazon and Wicked Uncle. Finding lots of gifting options for both boys and girls has never been easier thanks to the digital world we live in these days and Wicked Uncle have the best toys for a 4 year old boy you can imagine including a Jump Rocket that Dex simply adores!

Dexter in Paw Patrol pyjamas holding a handmade birthday card from his best friend

The cake

Shopping local is the brand new thing to do, isn’t it? We have loved supporting local businesses over the last couple of months so when it came to getting a cake for Dexter’s birthday, we turned to local cake makers. The cake was a red velvet chocolate cake that tasted as good as it looked. if you’re local to Ormskirk, get down to the market once it’s back up and running and find Mr Thompson’s stall – you will not be disappointed!

The decorations

Once again, we turned to online shops to sort out our decoration. Sticking to the Paw Patrol theme, we ordered helium balloons, bunting, cups and straws. Ebay is a godsend for party supplies and we filled the helium balloons up with the tank we had left over from Felix’s birthday back in December. Meanwhile, Tesco supplied us with the Paw Patrol wrapping paper for wrapping all of Dexter’s amazing birthday gifts in. 

The food

Dexter is obsessed with ‘camp-fire night’, also known as, having a barbecue! We turned to our local farm to supply us with some yummy burgers, sausages, chicken and pork skewers and had an absolute feast in the garden with buns, mustard, ketchup, chips and salad! Luckily, it was one of the hottest days of the year so far, so the barbecue was dampened by the usual British summer weather!

Decter in the garden holding his monster truck with Felix in the backgorund

Our 4 year old’s lockdown birthday wasn’t a write off, despite my fears! We had the best day together as a family, eating cake, opening presents and spending quality time in the garden. If you have a child’s lockdown birthday coming up, don’t neglect to visit Wicked Uncle’s website for a HUGE range of of the best toys for boys AND girls. Let me know what you choose!

Share this post with your friends!