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Dexter’s 4 Year Update

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Hold on. Dexter turned four years old the other day. How did we get to this point? Where did my baby go and what about that toddler who was here, only a mere few months ago? I now have a fully fledged, ready for school, four year old boy. How? Why? It’s heartbreaking and the most amazingly incredible wonderful thing, all at the same time. Here is Dexter’s FOUR year update. 

Dexter, what a six months we have had since the last update I wrote when you turned 3.5 years old. I went back to work after over twelve months off on maternity leave; you started a brand new nursery after your childminder moved onto pastures news and the world entered a pandemic which has changed the way our lives worked completely. Phew!

Dexter on Ainsdale beach as the sun is setting

Let’s rewind. Back in January, when I started a new job after being made redundant on maternity leave, you started at a new nursery in our village. I was really worried about you going there after we had such a bad experience with a nursery setting last time we were forced to change our childcare provider, but you have loved every minute. It was a big ask to up your days from three to five, but you have loved making new friends, learning new skills and having the extra time each evening to be with me now that I work much closer to home. It’s been an amazing way to get you ready for school in September and you are really looking forward to taking the next step in your education.

Decter in the garden holding his monster truck with Felix in the backgorund

Talking of schools, in April we found out that you had got your first choice primary school. We have been together to visit the outside (it was closed thanks to lockdown) and you are really looking forward to starting and making new friends. You already know a few girls from nursery who will be going too, including our neighbour who you adore!

Nursery has also helped with your eating. On the whole, you’ve been a good eater over the years, but it has been more difficult over the past year or two to get you to try new things. Nursery has had you trying all sorts of new foods and it’s been a pleasure to see you take more of an interest in vegetables. In fact, you’d rather eat a sugar snap pea, slice of pepper or some broccoli than you would eat something simple like spaghetti or pizza! You are constantly asking us if certain foods make you big and strong, which gives us a great opportunity to talk about healthy and not so healthy options and how they affect your body. Of course, we believe in a little bit of everything in moderation and you love to eat chocolate, cookies, cake and all sorts of other sugary treats! At the same time, you love healthy smoothies, wheetabix, raw vegetables and lots and lots of chicken!

Dexter riding his blue bike through the woods at Beacon Country Park

We have had some issues with hives since December. We have tried to pinpoint the cause over a number of months, but unfortunately they appear whether you eat dairy, wheat or egg and trying to cut out all of the above has proved impossible. Luckily, our wonderful GP has put you on some medication which you take once a day in the morning and these have put an absolute stop to your hives which were becoming increasingly itchy and painful. You’ve now been four weeks hive free and back to eating whatever you want and we are so grateful we were able to end the pain and inconvenience you were enduring.

Some of our favourite toys over the past six months have been: kinetic sand, playdoh, Paw Patrol figures, Lego, musical instruments and cars. You love it when we put music on Alexa and your favourite song at the moment is The Grand Old Duke of York (or Nork as you call it!) 

Dexter and Nicola in the park

Your bestest buddy and worst enemy in the world is your brother Felix. You love playing with him, but if he gets hold of something you want to play with, god help us all! Felix absolutely worships the ground you walk on and its been incredible to watch your bond deepen over the last six months.

Lockdown has been a difficult situation for everyone, but as with everything, you have really taken it in your stride. You understand that the germs can potentially hurt us, and that’s why we need to stay indoors. You are a deep thinker and ask us a lot of questions to understand the world around you. Lately, you have been asking us more and more questions about death. It has been a difficult topic and one that has upset you greatly. I have tried my hardest to be honest as possible and over the course of the last couple of weeks, the subject has become less difficult. It’s so hard as a parent to know what to do and say for the best, especially when you can see your child getting upset, but I will always be as honest as I can with you and support you through difficult realisations. 

Dexter looking at his birthday cake

Last month you learnt how to ride your bike without stabilisers. It’s funny how you’ve become a bit of a scaredy-cat after being so fearless throughout your baby and toddler years. You were adamant you didn’t want to take the stabilisers off, but after we did, it literally took less than a day to get your riding you bike without them. Another teary-eyed moment for your Mummy! 

Dexter, wow you’re four. This time last year you had a dummy, were in nappies and still loved a good tantrum. Now, you are potty trained, sleeping at night with only your bunny and blankie and a total dream and pleasure to be around. No more worrying about going to Tesco and you dropping on the floor having a tantrum! Spending time with you is an absolute pleasure and I absolutely cherish our one on one time together!

Dexter holding a cup at 4th birthday party

I can’t wait for you to start school in September and see what the next six months brings for you! We love you so very much and are so proud of everything you have done so far! 

Lots of love, Mummy and Daddy xxx

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