Baby Led Weaning

This category covers our baby led weaning experiences, whether that’s posts about how we did it or  products we couldn’t live without, or recipes which we created to feed our baby from six months old.

We are huge fans of baby led weaning and started the process when Dex was six months old. We followed our baby led instincts and started with soft foods and started blogging about our experiences straight away so that others could learn from us and feel confident that this is a fantastic way to wean your baby.

This category also incorporates the weaning wisdom series I did in 2017. Thirty bloggers took part in sharing their weaning experience, whether that was traditional weaning, baby led weaning or combination weaning.

We plan to baby led wean our next baby as well and can’t wait to share that experience with you too. We will aim to share even more recipes, hints, tips and products.

Baby Led Weaning Zucchini Pizza Recipe

Baby led weaning Zucchini Pizzas were the second food I tried with my first son Dexter. The first foods we tried on day one were…

Baby Led Weaning Banana Pancakes Recipe

Dexter turned six months old at the end of November 2016 and we decided to bite the bullet and start our baby led weaning journey.…