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Dexter’s 2 Month Update

Dexter lying in his cot with a milestone card declaring he slept through the night


  • He is sleeping through the night every night now. He goes to bed between 7pm and 9pm. We feed him at midnight and he goes back down straight away until 7am. We are very very lucky.
  • He is mainly in 3-6 month clothes now as most of his 0-3 was getting too small. I still have them available but am just putting the ones which are ridiculously small away as and when.
  • He is smiling all the time but no laughs yet. I have heard him trying in his sleep though!
  • He has well and truly discovered his hands. I’ve seen him pick up a dummy (fluke though I reckon) and he grabbed hold of my duvet the other morning and pulled it towards his cot. He loves his dangling zebra toy and will pull on it and feel it all day long when he’s on his rocker or on his playmat. He went from flapping at the toys to grabbing on the space of a week. Madness.
  • He is feeding every three hours and takes six ounces. He normally feeds at 7am, 10am, 1pm 4pm, 7pm and midnight.
  • Haven’t had him weighed for a couple of weeks but last time he was 13lbs.
  • He loves baths in the big bath with mummy and cuddles in the morning in the big bed.

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