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Dexter’s 4 Month Update

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Welcome to Dexter’s 4 month baby development update. This is what is new this month in Dexter’s world since last month’s three month update.

    • Dexter is taking 5-8oz every three-four hours during the day, sometime his last feed is at 7/8pm and sometimes it’s at midnight depending on how many bottles he has had through the day (we still feed on demand but he demands three hourly ish)
    • Dexter sleeps through most nights, we had a small period two weeks ago of waking for a bottle but most nights when he stirs at 3 or 5am, placing a dummy in his mouth will do. This is where co-sleeping is a life saver because I wake before he even knows he is upset and I can reach over and soothe him without barely waking up myself. He goes to bed at 6.30pm and wakes up at around 6.30-7am.
    • He naps four times a day, if he misses any of them, he screams the house down at 6pm. He wants to be left alone to fall asleep now.
    • He is doing about three tummy time sessions a day now and we have built them up to about ten to twenty minutes each. He enjoys it until he realises he wants to crawl somewhere and can’t and then gets frustrated and cries. He can roll over both ways but doesn’t do this everyday.
  • His favourite toys this week have been his activity centre, foil blanket and firefly. Yesterday we read the hungry caterpillar which he was really interested in and resulted in a very quiet and reflective period after
  • I haven’t had him weighed for a couple of weeks but stood on the scales with him yesterday and he looks to weigh around 16lbs
  • He still fits into some 0-3 vests, sleepsuits and tops but he is mainly wearing 3-6 month trousers
  • He loves sticking his fingers in his mouth, pulling muslins over his head and holding hands
  • He can sit unaided for about ten seconds, using his hands to support himself.

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