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You may remember last year, before I fell pregnant with Felix and before we moved into our dream home in Ormskirk, I was offered a promotion at work which meant relocating offices. At the time we were still living in Liverpool and I was working in the centre of Ormskirk. We had the most wonderful childminder who lived five minutes away from my office and Dexter was so happy there. The promotion meant I would relocate to Liverpool and there was no point in me driving thirteen miles each morning and night to drop off and pick up Dexter, despite how good our childminder was, so the challenge was on to find childcare near me.

It was actually a really stressful period of our lives: we had found our dream home and were waiting for the sale to go through, we’d found out we were pregnant, I was keeping this huge secret that I’d soon be leaving my colleagues behind and I was receiving letters threatening to be taken to court over unpaid parking charges. On top of all of that I was expected to find another childcare provider as good as the one we already had?! It seemed mission impossible. Where on earth would I find the time inbetween working full time, looking after a two year old and trying to deal with my morning sickness?

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Thankfully came to the rescue. I’d never heard of this nifty website before hand but it saved me so much time in my search for the perfect childcare for Dexter.

Once you are in’s homepage you simply select what you are looking for: childminder/nursery/nanny/babysitter, there’s tons of options; input your location, click search and up pops all of the childcare providers in your area. Each provider has their own personal profile with an ‘about me’, experience and skills and qualification sections so you can read all about your potential new childminder, nursery or babysitter.

At first, we decided we’d like another childminder and what I loved about’s site was that at the bottom of each profile was each childminder’s availability. We narrowed it down to five childminders who were rated good or outstanding and were close enough to my new place of work but unfortunately each one didn’t have the availability for what we needed.

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We moved on to looking for nurseries and once again the information provided was great. It was helpful to have a dedicated website with all the information on that we needed.

We found a nursery in the city centre which Dex attended for a couple of months before the summer holidays and then in the middle of August we moved to Ormskirk and thankfully our old childminder still had a place available for him. took away so much stress from us when I was up the wall with so much going on and I’ll be forever grateful. Although we are now sorted for childcare during our working week, we’ll certainly look to use it again for a babysitter if we ever get the opportunity for an evening out!

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Monday 6th of May 2019

I love that it made life easier for you, finding good childcare is so difficult!