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Easy Tips to Maintain Your Beauty Regime on a Budget

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Everyone wants to look beautiful, making the cosmetics industry grow by leaps and bounds each year. The cosmetic industry keeps expanding exponentially from French creams that cost a fortune to the DIY natural products made using kitchen products. A significant chunk of everybody’s income gets spent on buying cosmetics, and new budget-friendly makeup is always in high demand.

Buying lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush can be costly if you choose branded products, and you must strive to get the same shade. Instead, opt for a good brand of eyeshadow and mix it with Vaseline to create lipstick and cheek tint. It will stay for a long time and help you get the perfect makeup look within budget.

Economical lashes

Budget-friendly makeup combines homemade skincare and DIY kits instead of salon makeup. Home use facial kits, DIY eyelash extensions, easy to apply fruit tint makeup – these things will help you save a lot on the makeup budget. Lilac St false eyelashes cost only around $25, while their competitor lashes like Velor, Trish McEvoy, and LoveSeen cost nearly double or triple. Just like the affordable price, maintenance is also quite easy. So the question of how to remove eyelash extensions should not bother you at all. It is easy as all you need is some adhesive remover and a cotton ball.

Salon-done lashes will last for nearly three weeks but cost hundreds of dollars, and you cannot change the style or color as you wish for a party. False eyelashes applied at home are budget-friendly and used several times. 

Brow gel contour

Contouring products cost a lot, and they are worth every penny spent as they are necessary to create the perfect look. But, if you cannot spend much on a contouring palette, a brow gel pencil is your lifesaver. Melt it a bit with a lighter, crush it and use it as a contour for the nose and face as it works perfectly.

Mixing it with a white liner pencil allows you to play with different shades necessary for contouring various parts of the face. Nobody can tell the difference between the actual contouring products and the brow gel pencil contouring, and it even lasts longer than regular contour palette products.

Aloe Vera gel as primer and moisturizer

A good primer, moisturizer, and sunscreen are essential for any makeup as it is required to prep the skin before makeup. Use quality Aloe Vera gel which triples as a primer, face moisturizer, and face cooler to save money and time.

Aloe vera gel is a cheap and best natural product that is very good for the skin and costs much less than other artificial products. You can use aloe vera gel with various products to create an entire DIY skincare range saving you tons of money. Good skin always requires less makeup, and aloe vera gel will get you that perfect skin within budget. It is wise to mix a part of high-end skincare creams and aloe to make them last longer and prevent the burning sensation on the skin.

Rosewater as toner and setting spray

Makeup setting sprays and toners are costly and belong to an entirely different genre. But rose water can act as an excellent toner and a makeup setting spray. It costs very little, and having a bottle of it handy will help you refresh your face throughout the day. When you use very high-end products for makeup, make sure you use rose water to get that perfect finish.

Use rose water as a toner on the face and neck and apply foundation to damp skin to use very little product and get perfect coverage. Quality rose water brands are costly but often give various offers like buy one get one free. Share the product and expense with your friends to save further on your budget or create DIY rosewater at home.

Make use of several offers

Try the makeup products in offline stores like a mall to find the perfect shade and product you want. Look out for online offers and buy them through the internet when there is an unbelievably cheap option. Simply adding the product to the wish list will enable them to send you notifications regarding various offers.

Instead of buying from the original product page, buy from a huge website that sells all brand makeup products as the manufacturers sell much cheaper on them. Subscribe to their email list to get constant promotional offers, gather loyalty points, and offer to give feedback on new products for discount.

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