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Baby Led Weaning Meal Planner & Meal Ideas

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Ready to begin baby led weaning but no idea where to start? Let us help you out with our free baby led weaning meal planner and list of ideas for each baby led weaning meal time!

Simply click to download, print and then fill out your meal plan at the start of each week helping you to stay on track with baby led weaning meal prep and understanding what food your baby has tried.

What is baby led weaning?

Baby led weaning is a method of weaning where baby eats table foods instead of starting with baby rice or puree.

BLW differs from traditional weaning in that you simply offer baby the same foods that you eat once they hit six months old. Unlike traditional weaning, which is offering babies purees for a couple of months before moving onto lumpier foods, baby led weaning cuts the need for blending machines and the effort of making baby something completely different to the rest of the family.

With baby led weaning, baby can enjoy all the same meals you do, with a few modifications of course.

Dexter wearing a pink plastic bib, sat in his joie mimzy snacker highchair with food all over the tray

How do you start baby led weaning?

Ideally baby should be around the six month mark and displaying these signs of readiness for weaning:

1. Able to sit up unaided

2. No longer has tongue thrust reflex

3. Able to pick up objects and move them towards their mouth

If baby is showing all these signs you are pretty much ready to begin!

To start, do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Many mums are nervous about baby led weaning (I was too!) and like to start small. Other mums will dive straight in with offering a full blown roast dinner as baby’s first meal. Do whatever feels right for you and your family!

Toad in the hole on the baby's highchair

What equipment will you need before starting baby led weaning?

With traditional weaning you need to get yourself set up with all sorts of equipment, but get started with baby led weaning can be as simple as just getting yourself sorted with a high chair.

There are a few items which can make your life easier and help with the baby led weaning mess that this method of weaning can cause. We invested in:

  • a coverall bib
  • spoons for preloading yoghurt and porridge
  • lots and lots of baby wipes
  • some plates and bowls

Best Baby Led Weaning Highchair:

Best Baby Led Weaning Bibs:

Best Baby Led Weaning Spoons:

Baby curry Felix eating with Doddl spoon

What sorts of foods should you introduce when you first start baby led weaning?

When it comes to first foods, nothing is off limit with baby led weaning. Some Mums are happy to dive straight in and offer steak and fries, some much prefer sticking to soft foods such as steamed broccoli or carrot.

We started with banana baby pancakes which he demolished in about three minutes, but it gave us the confidence that he was well and truly ready for weaning and we felt more confident offering a range of different foods going forward.

You can find over 100 starter food ideas in this blog post

spinach pancakes for babies on a plate

Should I use a baby led weaning meal planner?

If you’re the type of Mum who loves to be organised and keep a track of what of your baby is eating, then a baby led weaning meal planner could be ideal for you!

To make your life super organised, I have created a free printable baby led weaning meal planner where you can map out breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack on a daily basis so you can prep in advance and keep a track of what foods your baby has tried.

Simply click the link below to access the free baby led weaning meal planner, then use the ideas listed beneath to map out your baby’s meals for the whole week!

Baby led weaning breakfast ideas

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to a baby led weaning breakfast. The foods you can offer baby are so varied that it makes breakfast the perfect meal for you to begin with if you’re just starting out.

The majority of breakfast foods are soft too, just in case you feel a bit apprehensive about starting off with a full Sunday Roast!

Dex reaching for a blueberry baby led weaning pancake

Some of our favourite BLW breakfast foods include:

  • Pancakes
  • Waffles
  • Smoothies
  • Porridge
  • Overnight oats
  • Weetabix

Baby led weaning lunch ideas

Our favourite lunches to use in the baby led weaning meal planner are those that can be batch made and then frozen so you don’t have to spend ages cooking during the week. Less time cooking means more time to spend with your baby, so it’s definitely a win win!

grown up portion of broccoli and stilton soup with a spoon and croutons

Our faves include:

  • Veggie bites, ball and burgers
  • Fritattas and fritters
  • Soups and sandwiches
  • Pinwheels

Baby led weaning dinner ideas

The best dinner to add to your baby led weaning meal planner are those you can all share together a s a family. Definitely try to think family food when it comes to meal planning for the evenings. Together we love to eat:

  • Spaghetti bolognese
  • Roast dinners
  • Pasta and sauce
  • Risotto
  • Slow cooker meals
  • Curries
Dex sat on his joie mimzy snacker high chair putting his hand to his mouth

Baby led weaning snacks

Snacks aren’t totally necessary right at the start of your weaning journey, but as baby cuts down on the milk and starts moving more and more, snacks will become part of every day life.

For me, choosing snacks that can be batch made save so much time and so much money. Snacks such as pinwheels, muffins, healthy cookies and cake slices can easily be knocked up and stored for the whole week.

We also love using some pre packaged snacks like rice cakes and melty puffs for ease too!

Ready to start baby led weaning meal planning?

Have we given you enough inspo to start your own baby led weaning meal plan? If you haven’t already, you can download the free baby led weaning meal planner by clicking the download button!

Let us know in the comments if you liked this baby led weaning meal planner!

What is a baby led weaning planner

A baby led weaning planner is a tool or resource that helps parents organise and structure their approach to introducing solid foods to their baby using the baby-led weaning method.

How does a baby led weaning planner help parents?

A baby led weaning planner provides guidance and support by offering meal ideas, food charts, and suggested schedules for introducing different foods. It helps parents keep track of their baby’s progress and ensures a balanced and varied diet.

Where can I find a baby-led weaning planner?

Right here on this page!

Is a baby-led weaning planner necessary?

While a baby-led weaning planner is not a requirement, it can be helpful for parents who prefer structure and guidance. It provides reassurance and helps ensure a well-rounded diet for your baby.

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