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Felix’s 2 Month Update

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Felix turns two months old today. It has been the fastest two months of my life. I don’t know why, but when Dexter was a newborn the hours of each day dragged by, however the time now passes so much more quickly.

Felix had his two month check up today and he now weighs 12lb 4oz, is 58cm long and his head circumference is 40cm puting him at the 50th percentile for weight, 50th percentile for length and 75th percentile for head circumference; a far cry from the 90-99th percentiles Dexter used to follow! Even so, the doctor thinks he will be tall.

He is on 5-6 bottles per day. He has one when he wakes at 6-7am, one at 10am, one at 1pm, one at 4pm and then either one or two more. Sometimes his last bottle will be at 8pm and he will sleep until the next morning. Sometimes he will have one at 7pm and then another at 10pm. If he has a bottle at 7pm, he is usually then wide awake until he has the next bottle. He drinks 7oz from each bottle apart from the 10pm one where he only takes 3oz or so.

Felix wearing beige dungarees and vest sleeping in his moses basket with a blanket over him

Sleep wise he is very much like Dexter and loves his sleep. He will nap after his first bottle for an hour or two and then he has a great big nap between 1pm and 4pm. He usually likes to have another quick one at around 5pm and then goes down for the night any time between 8pm an 10pm. I’ve had no issues with witching hours with him because I let him sleep whenever he wants. Dexter used to have a terrible period at 7pm where he would scream and scream, but I had no idea about nap and awake times then. I’ve found it a lot easier this time around to look for sleepy cues and follow his lead when it comes to feeding and sleeping.

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He takes most of his naps either in bed with me (I like a nice lazy afternoon in bed when Dex is in childcare), in his pram in the lounge, or in his Chicco Next to Me in the mornings. At night he sleeps next to me in the Chicco until around 5am when he starts stirring and we cosleep for an hour or two after that.

Felix in a blue sleepsuit with his face screwed up lying on white sheets

Felix had his first set of immunisations this week and did really well. It was heart wrenching to hear him shout out with such a guttural, pained cry, but he soon settled. He had a temperature for the next 24 hours but Calpol helped it and he had slept it off by the next day.

He is still a really happy and content little soul who has started smiling over the last couple of weeks, but mainly at Dexter. Dexter loves lying next to his little brother and letting his arms reach out to at his head while he giggles and says, ‘Felix tickling Dexter!’ These two are going to have such a strong bond. He very rarely cries and does so only when he is very hungry or needs to have a sleep. If Dex disturbs him too much and he can’t nap, he becomes very ratty indeed.

Dexter and Felix in bed wearing matching pyjamas. Dexter is smiling at his little brother

That’s pretty much it for month two. He is growing so very quickly and has just entered the second Wonder Weeks leap so I am hoping to be able to let you know of many more developmental milestones next month.

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Hayley | Devon Mama

Tuesday 12th of February 2019

He's so yummy! I love watching that sibling bond develop, nothing quite like it!