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AD-Gifted | Felix’s Bedtime Routine with the SwaddleMe Bath to Bed Gift Set

12th February 2019

Felix turns eight weeks old this week and he has changed so much from the tiny 8lbs newborn we brought home back in December. Our routine has been all over the place for the last eight weeks, but we are starting to see more of a pattern in Felix’s feeding and sleep times. He has generally been feeding every three hours during the day from 7am, taking his final feed at 10pm and sleeping through until the next morning. Although this is quite a late bedtime we are happy at the moment to follow Felix’s lead, knowing that Dex used to have a similar bedtime and after a few more weeks it will get earlier and earlier. To be honest, we are also simply grateful he is sleeping for a long stretch at night!

Felix sat on the angelcare bath seat in a bath, squinting at the camera

Felix sat on the Angelcare bathseat in the big bath with his modesty covered by the SwaddleMe Bath to Bed Gift Set terry cloth

Now that we can see what Felix’s eating and sleeping pattern is, we have started introducing a bedtime routine as we believe babies and toddlers thrive on them. Dex still has his bedtime routine now at two and a half years old. It involves a round of toast, CBeebies bedtime hour, getting changed into PJs and sleep sack, a book, cuddles and bed. It’s one of my favourite times of the day.

The SwaddleMe bath to bed gift set towel hung on the towel rail above a radiator in our bathroom

two swaddleme bath to bed gift set terry cloths hanging from a hook in a bathroom

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Felix’s routine is a lot simpler as he is so young. At around 9pm we give him a bath with the lights down low, cuddling him in his hooded bath wrap once he gets out to make sure he stays snuggly and warm. Once he’s dry, we moisturise his skin using baby massage and then pop on his nappy and a vest. We then feed him his bottle and sing songs to him softly before placing him in his Chicco Next to Me bedside crib where he dozes off to sleep holding one of our hands.

felix wrapped up in the swaddleme bath to bed gift set swaddle on a white sheet

felix wrapped up in the swaddleme bath to bed gift set swaddle on a white sheet

felix wrapped up in the swaddleme bath to bed gift set swaddle on a white sheet

Like most babies, he does like to fight his sleep and you can see him trying as hard as he can to keep his eyes open or sometimes he thrashes around. It’s funny the things you forget about newborns, but as soon as I saw him doing it, I remembered Dexter was the same! A bit of ‘shushing‘ usually helps, along with a hand on his chest.

the swaddleme bath to bed gift set in its original packaging next to some fake flowers and a teddy bear

We were kindly gifted the SwaddleMe Bath to Bed Gift Set to review on the blog and it’s been a wonderful addition to our bedtime routine.

The gift set comes with a hooded bath wrap, four muslin terry clothes and an original SwaddleMe swaddle. It’s the perfect gift set for new Mums and Dads giving you everything you need to create a calming and cuddly bedtime routine.

Felix wearing the swaddleme bath to bed gift set hooded towel

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We have loved using the gift set as part of our bedtime routine. The muslin and terry cloths are lovely and soft on Felix’s sensitive newborn skin and the hooded wrap keeps him cuddly and cosy.

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