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Felix’s 6 Month Update

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Felix, you’re six months old! Whenever it is time to write another of these monthly updates, I always complain about how fast time is passing by, but this month, I cannot believe it’s only been a month since the last update, it feels like ages ago that you turned five months old.

The biggest news from the last month is you have two teeth cutting through! I first noticed your lower central incisor under the skin about a week and a half ago. Less than four days later it started making its way through the skin and a few days after that, its next door neighbour joined the party. You’ve been an absolute trooper with teething. Although you’ve dribbled loads and wanted to gnaw on everything around you, it’s hardly given you any pain and you’ve slept every night really well.

Nicola babywearing felix outside the polling station

Clothes wise, I’ve now either charity shopped or put to one side your 0-3 month clothes, although I think there’s still a couple of pairs of pants hanging around. You mainly wear sleepsuits as the weather is far too dreadful for vests and are wearing mostly 3-6 months as the 6-9 is still too big.

Felix in his Summer Delux 4 in 1 Superseat smiling

You still love to sleep. You sleep all night from around 6pm until whenever Dexter wakes us up the next morning (anywhere between 5 and 7am) and you manage an hour of awake time before needing a nap. If we are out and about in the pram, you’ll stay awake longer to see what’s going on and are very settled, but if we’re at home, after an hour has passed by, you start to whinge and want putting down in bed.

Felix smiling to the camera wearing a blue joules sleepsuit

You still sleep in the Chicco Next to Me at night, although some nights you come in with us if you feel a bit unsettled. We’ve tried numerous times to get you to sleep in your room but you’re not ready yet. Some evenings you’ll sleep in there for an hour or two, but other times you can’t be without us, and that’s okay. You still sleep with a dummy, but once you’re in a deep sleep, you spit it out and it only needs replacing if you wake in the night.

Felix with a huge smile on his face while in husband baby Einstein activity centre

You have four or five bottles a day of 8oz each. 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 6pm. Sometimes you miss out on either the 10am or 1pm one because you’re sleeping through it. I never wake you as I believe you are more than capable of regulating your own sleep. You drink Hipp Organic and we get through a box every five days.

We started weaning you this week, but you’re not really getting it yet. You struggle to pick up the food and don’t seem to like the taste when you bring it to your mouth, but we’ll keep trying slowly and see what happens. We’ve got a whole six months ahead of us yet to learn about food.

Felix in his Summer Delux 4 in 1 Superseat smilig

Your favourite activities in between sleeping are playing on your Fisher Price playmat, playing with your Lamaze robot, sitting in your activity centre and rolling onto your tummy. You are obsessed with your brother because he’s always the first one to run to you when you cry. You love it when he cuddles you and sings Itsy Bitsy spider.

This past month you’ve been to the beach, the park, met loads of your family at Uncle Howard’s engagement party, been to Thomas Land for your brother’s birthday, had your first bath with your brother, got your first passport and visited the polling station for the first time. It’s been such a busy month, no wonder it’s felt really long!

Nicola holding Felix against a brick wall background

I can’t wait to continue your weaning journey and see how you grow over the next month. As always, you’ve been so happy and smiley, rarely crying and just a joy to be around. We love you so much. Until next month!

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