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Kid Friendly Road Trip Advice You Should Never Ignore

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There are multiple reasons to choose a road trip holiday when you have kids, including that you can make your itinerary, stop whenever you want, and don’t have to worry about managing your little ones on a long-haul flight. That isn’t to say that road trips are always easy when you have little ones. They can also be a challenge unless you follow the guidance below that is! Read on to find out what it is. 

Make sure your car is up to the journey 

The most important thing to do before your family road trip is to ensure that your vehicle is up to the journey. This may mean checking it over yourself or getting it serviced at a garage. 

However, if you are concerned that your car is not reliable enough to keep you and your family safe on a long road trip, then it may be time to invest in a new one. The good news is that you can go to sites like Edmunds to find a wide range of reliable, safe, and great-value cars. They even offer both brand new and used options, so you’ll be able to find a vehicle that fits your family’s budget. 

Pack plenty of snacks 

One thing is for sure, if your little ones get hungry on the road, you will hear about it! With that in mind making sure they have plenty of snacks to stay refuelled and refreshed is a smart idea. Start with packing plenty of bottled water, and if possible use some ice packs to keep it cool. 

Then add things like sandwiches that can be transported and eaten easily on the go. Of course, snacks that the little ones can feed themselves are a great idea too, especially if your little ones have already been weaned. Include vegetable sticks, pieces of fruit, rice crackers, cubes of cheese, and snacks like cheese puffs or pretzels (as long as these fit in with your little one’s diet). Just be sure to invest in a tray so the crumbs and leftover bots don’t end up all over your car. It can also help for one adult to take a seat in the back with your kids if they need extra supervision when eating this way. 

Prepare activities to prevent boredom 

When taking a road trip with kids you will need to minimize boredom as much as possible. Otherwise, you might find that they become tired and irritable, making the journey much more stressful. 

To that end, packing plenty of books and games can help. There are even playsets that are made specifically for travelling, so the pieces don’t go on missions. Your child’s favourite cuddly toy and a pillow and a blanket are also a must as these will help them drift off to sleep, which is a great way to spend at least part of a longer road trip journey. 

Don’t forget the baby wipes 

Last of all, whatever you do, do not forget to take a  supply of baby wipes! After all, they aren’t just useful for nappy changes but can help clear up a mess in the car or on your child, as well as refresh you and them when it gets hot! 

Share this post with your friends!