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Why People Start Vaping: Top 7 Reasons

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E-cigarettes broke the barrier of the U.S. marketplace somewhere around 2007. By 2014, vapes became a trend among Americans.

The reasons behind the craze are many – from looking to quit smoking altogether to becoming more socially acceptable and even having freedom of choice.

Following are the seven best and most common reasons people decide to give vaping a go.

Looking for a New Hobby

Even if it sounds like vaping should not be considered a hobby, many vapers would beg to differ. 

Back when tobacco smoking was still holding the reigns of “hobbies,” there were only a few e-cigarettes or vapes to choose from and even fewer e-liquids. 

As technology advanced, so did the vaping industry – new designs of tanks and coils and e-liquid choices entered the market to the satisfaction of vapers. Many former tobacco smokers wanted a different hobby that was less harmful to their health, so they switched to vaping. 

For newcomers today, there are plenty of beginner vape devices, thousands of e-liquids, and many vape shapes and sizes.

Why is vaping considered a hobby? – Because vapers with a knack for tinkering with gadgets loved to dismantle and put back together a vape. Now, they have gone a step further and specifically ask for vapes that can be tweaked by add-ons, giving vapers the ultimate user satisfaction of choice.

Alternative to Smoking

Becoming more aware of the hazards of smoking, most youngsters choose vaping over smoking

On the other hand, long-standing tobacco smokers were looking for a way to break the smoking habit and discovered the perks of vaping instead. 

Plus, not everyone is fine with the tobacco smell on their fingers and their fingernails turning yellow from holding a cigarette all the time. 

Overall, the main reason people turn to vaping is the one young people have – a healthier alternative to smoking. Vaping is more socially acceptable than traditional smoking, which is frowned upon. 

Besides the health benefits, by shifting from smoking to vaping, vapers can tailor their own vaping experience and choose the intensity of the hit, the size of the vapor cloud, and the flavor.


In recent years, people have turned to vaping for relaxation purposes.

Caused by the stress of everyday life and work-related issues, people become more prone to anxiety and look for ways to relax. 

Like doing yoga, reading, or rock climbing, vaping can also relax you.

One of the most common delusions about vaping is that all e-liquids contain nicotine. That’s not true. Yes, some e-juices contain nicotine, but that’s not all of them. The ones that do will have that clearly stated.

There’s an abundance of nicotine-free e-liquids in different flavors like green tea, tropic, forest fruits, etc. You can pick your favorite and vape away the stress of the day.

Freedom to Choose

Many now-vapers took on vaping because of its choices – from different e-liquid flavors to the intensity of the hit. Some e-juices come in tobacco flavor for tobacco-hooked vapers, which are perfect for giving a similar, if not the same, taste as cigars. 

Moreover, there are plenty of flavors of e-juices – from cherry cola to mint to lemon zest, it’s a never-ending spree!

Beginners chose to vape because of the liberty to select the intensity of the hits. This particular option also drew many former tobacco smokers to vaping.

Budget-friendly Alternative

With the decision to halt tobacco smoking, governments worldwide opted to skyrocket the prices of tobacco cigarettes. After that happened, many dedicated smokers were looking for an alternative to smoking that wouldn’t break their bank.

Vaping can become an expensive hobby, but only if you make it one. The price of the vape kits differs from brand to brand, and it’s usually supported by the technology used, the design, and the add-ons. 

However, suppose you are after experiencing vaping in its original form. In that case, you can bypass all the trendy vaping kits and go for a simple yet effective vape kit without cutting back on quality.

According to the World Population Review, a pack of cigarettes in the U.S. costs an average of $8. Now, if a smoker goes through a pack daily, that translates to $240 a month. As per vaping, the initial cost for a mid-range vape kit starts at $28, with e-liquids costing as low as $3 a bottle. 

Being Socially Acceptable

Knowing that smoking tobacco is frowned upon in the U.S., many venues, bars, restaurants, and other establishments ban smoking on the premises, and smoking buffs have turned to vaping.

This more socially-acceptable hobby is deemed unharmful to vapers and those in their immediate company. 

Due to the worldwide popularity of vaping kits and the increase in vapers, societies have adopted the notion of allowing vaping in places where smoking is still banned. 

Being Part of a Community

Due to the increase in popularity, more and more youngsters turn to vaping to belong to a vast community of vapers. But it’s not just young people – everyone that wants to be in is taking up this activity. 

Just like any other hobby, vaping has become somewhat of a lifestyle. 

New and seasoned vapers will get together to browse and try out new vape juices and test out new vaping gadgets. Recently, vape shops have even hosted events to promote new e-liquids or state-of-the-art vape designs and have attracted a considerable following. 

Conclusion: Why Do People Start Vaping?

To put it bluntly – it comes down to preference. 

People vape for countless reasons – from wanting to lose the smoking habit to looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to smoking. Some love the idea of choosing the intensity of the hit or the option to dismiss inhaling nicotine altogether. 

With so many opportunities, it’s not surprising the world is shifting toward this trend. 

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