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The Joys of Wonder Weeks Leap 5 – My Wriggly Baby

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Dexter has turned into a right little wriggle butt since entering Wonder Weeks Leap 5. Who am I kidding? He’s always been a fidgety little soul, even when he was growing in my belly.


But recently, every time it comes to getting his nappy changed or getting dressed, he will not stay still.

The Wonder Weeks App says that during Leap 5:

…parents often notice that their baby starts to protest when being dressed or when a diaper is changed.

We left Leap 5 around two weeks ago, and yet this behaviour continues. He protests by wriggling onto his side and then onto his front. I live in fear he will inadvertently roll off the changing table or bang his head on the wall.

I’ve tried distracting him with a toy, which lasts all of two minutes; singing, letting him roll onto his front (but doing a nappy is impossible when he’s on his front, not to mention messy if he’s done a poo); changing him on the floor (my back can’t cope);  getting his dad to do it (same story) and sitting him up to get dressed.

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The sitting works for putting on tops, but doesn’t help me when he needs a nappy change or to put his pants on. This battle is occurring eight times a day or more: he is pooing more now he is on solids and I have to strip him down to eat two or three times a day as well.

Dex is also so close to crawling now. He had learnt to get up onto his knees when he is on his front, and he starts rocking. I can’t believe how quickly my sweetie is growing up. I have always called him a Little Wriggly Worm, but soon I imagine he’s going to be more like a darting squirrel crawling away from me at every opportunity.

Please tell me these protestations at getting change are just a phase and my content baby, happy to be changed and dressed will return one day! If not, I’m going to have to think of some ingenious ways to get him dressed.

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Share this post with your friends!

Tuesday 20th of December 2016

Ever since Logan could sit up he has always been such a wriggler, and now even more so, seriously he has a thing when im holding him now on my knee he will go stiff and try and slide himself off my knee/sofa onto the floor and he's now trying to hoist himself up onto things, scary, i dont want him to walk yet :( where have our babies gone????? x

Devon Mama

Tuesday 20th of December 2016

Sorry to say we're still in the same wriggly phase. Nothing is as boring as a nappy change apparently! I've found it easiest to put the change mat in the cot (which is still on the highest setting) and do it in there, atleast then when he wriggles, he's contained!! Good luck