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Leap 10: Surviving the Final Wonder Weeks Developmental Leap

Leap 10: Surviving the Final Wonder Weeks Developmental Leap

Leap 10 is the final leap in the Wonder Weeks book and app and my goodness, it’s a biggie. Wondering how of surviving leap 10 is possible? Well, we managed to survive it and in the midst of a pandemic no less! Read on to find out all about our experience with Wonder Weeks leap 10!

Felix at wwt Caerlaverock during leap 10

What are leaps?

For those of you new to the term ‘leap’, it is a phrase coined by Wonder Weeks, all about developmental stages your baby/toddler goes through during the first 19 months of their lives.

The Wonder Weeks started off as a book, however I first discovered them as an app when Dex was only a few months old.

Revered by Mums all over the globe, Wonder Weeks finally give us an insight into our baby’s fussy periods and helps to understand how we can better help them to learn, develop and begin to understand the world around them.

Wondering why your baby or toddler suddenly seems fussy or doesn’t want to sleep after weeks of being content? Then consult The Wonder Weeks app by inputting your baby’s due date and you’ll have all the information to hand at the touch of a button.

Some people think mental leaps are a load of woo, but I disagree. The app has been spot on for both my boys and has given me incredible peace of mind when I’ve thought I was parenting wrong, only to discover they are ‘leaping’ and after a few days/weeks, everything is back to normal…for now.

Felix during leap 10

Leap 10 – What can you expect?

Leap 10 follows Leap 9 and starts around 17 months after your baby’s due date so for us Felix hit this developmental stage at the beginning of June 2020 – right in the middle of lockdown!

According to the Wonder Week’s website:

your toddler gets the new ability to perceive and handle “systems.

You’ll find that your baby’s conscience starts developing, but mostly you will find a lot of fussy behaviour and an annoying sleep regression to boot!

Felix at Bolton abbey during leap 10

Leap 10 sleep regression

As if the 4 month sleep regression and 9 month sleep regression weren’t enough, leap 10 sleep regression reared its ugly head for a good couple of months.

In the height of summer, in the midst of a national lockdown, we had to cope with a baby who just did not want to go to sleep at night.

We tried blackout curtains, lying with him in his room, snuggling him in our bed – nothing worked!

Most nights he would be up until gone 10pm, unwilling to sleep and ready to scream the house down if left.

Felix at Martin Mere during leap 10

How did we cope with the leap 10 sleep regression?

As with all the sleep regressions we’ve encountered over the years, we coped by remaining positive and trying to stay as patient as possible.

Yep, it was super annoying that we lost our evenings because we had a little one who needed our attention, but we knew it wouldn’t last forever.

We tried our best to enjoy the extra cuddles and company and let him fall asleep in our arms (eventually) before transferring him to his cot.

Patience is key when developing a strategy to surviving leap 10. It’s so easy to get frustrated, but your toddler cannot help these fussy periods and it’s so important to try to remember that in the grand scheme of things, these fussy periods are a very short fraction of your child’s life.

Of course, the warmer weather and tumultuous daily routine did not help matters whatsoever. We were both trying to work from home with toddlers to look after, all whilst trying to keep things as normal as possible. It really was a strange old time!

Felix at Caerlaverock castle during leap 10

How long does leap 10 last?

Leap 10 is a biggie and we noticed that it lasted approximately two months, taking us into August.

The end of the leap 10 sleep regression was a welcome relief as was the appearance of a happier, chattier and more developed little person!

What comes after leap 10?

The Wonder Weeks app and book cover ten leaps, so you may think this is the end of fussy periods for your toddler. Sorry! I’m afraid more fussy periods are to come, including another super fun sleep regression at around 2 years old. Yay! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

The good news is, after leap 10 is finished, your toddler will have a few months of happiness and will start using all their new found skills to develop at a crazily rapid speed.

You won’t be able to keep up with all the new words they learn, the stunning relationships they start building with those around them and the motor skills that develop! Your baby really does become a fully fledged toddler!

Felix eating the hash brown potato cakes

Surviving leap 10

You can and you will survive leap 10, although it can feel like hell at the time!

Try to remember all of the positive things that come out of each developmental leap every time you feel stressed and if you need a break, find a trusted family member or friend to take the reins.

After the end of this leap, your toddler will start doing so many incredible things. We found that Felix started:

  • Using cutlery like a pro!
  • Building Duplo all by himself
  • Becoming eager to explore the world around him
  • Walking longer distances when on day trips out
  • Recognising important family members
  • Trying his hardest to be helpful (tidying up, putting things in the bin, helping to load the dishwasher)

Good luck with your experience of Wonder Weeks Leap 10 and let us know any hints or tips you have in surviving leap 10 in the comments below!

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