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Skip Hop Reversible Playmat | Review [AD-Gifted]

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Felix is five months old and is finally getting out of that stage where he wants to sleep all the time. Hurrah! I love spending time with him during his awake periods, practising tummy time, playing peek-a-boo or just generally lying on the floor next to him singing or chatting. We have recently purchased new carpets for both boys rooms making the floor nice and comfy for them both, but leaving me paranoid that Felix will spit up milk and leave a nasty stain. This is where this beautiful Skip Hop Reversible Playmat comes in. As well as looking incredible, it’s extremely practical too. Read on for what we loved about it plus some gorgeous pictures of Felix loving it too!

Who are Skip Hop?

Their core philosophy is ‘must haves made better‘ but who exactly are Skip Hop?

Felix doing tummy time on the Skip Hop Reversible playmat

Founded in 2003 in New York City, this innovative brand makes a huge range of family lifestyle products including playmats, changing bags, bath time accessories and mealtime must haves. Their luxurious and distinctively designed products are essential for all stylish Mums and family homes and this reversible playmat is no different.

Little Travellers Reversible Playmat

View from above of Felix doing tummy time on the Skip Hop Reversible playmat

Skip Hop have a range of reversible playmats, and we were sent the brand new Little Travellers playmat to test out. Just like the other reversible playmats in the range, you can position it in your home either on the fun and colourful baby friendly side or on the stylish and modern decor print side. The only problem I have is deciding which looks best- because both look absolutely stunning!

Key Features:

  • From age 0+
  • Waterproof, wipes clean
  • PVC-free
  • 861x52inches, 2181x132cm, 31ft2

What we love about the Skip Hop Reversible Play Mat

The Skip Hop Reversible Playmat is completely waterproof and therefore immune from the inevitable possets that Felix spits up after every bottle. The milky sick is simply cleaned up with a baby wipe or muslin without any risk of staining.

Happy Felix doing tummy time on the Skip Hop Reversible playmat

Being waterproof means it’s also a fantastic addition to the garden. Instead of leaving Felix indoors while Dex goes out to play, we now take the playmat out with us for Felix to explore while Dex runs amok!

The sheer size of the playmat is incredible. It’s big enough for both boys to enjoy at the same time and you’ll often find Dex at one end driving his monster trucks across North America and Felix at the other scooting round and round in 360 degree turns, trying his hardest to crawl.

Felix doing tummy time on the Skip Hop Reversible playmat

The reversible aspect of it means the playmat will look good anywhere in the home. I’m pretty much in love with the kid-friendly side though and tend to keep it that way up.

The reversible playmat is easily stored by simply rolling it up. It fits effortlessly in our cupboard under the stairs, but in all honesty, we keep it out flat on the floor because it looks so great!

Where to buy Skip Hop Reversible Playmats

Skip Hop Reversible playmats are available on Amazon priced between £80-100. The Little Travellers Playmat is currently retailing for £100 on Amazon.

Is the Little Travellers Reversible Playmat worth the money?

In my opinion, absolutely. At first, you may take a sharp intake of breath when you are thinking of spending £100 on one playmat , but considering we purchased two playmats from competitor brands for £50 each, which are about a quarter of the size, it suddenly makes sense why this product is worth its £100 price tag. Felix won’t grow out of this playmat for a long time yet, Dex has just turned three and enjoys having a good roll around on it. The other playmats we bought will be done and dusted with by the time he’s crawling, so I’m glad we have this really big mat in our lives for years to come. It’s also such a multi functional product. I love you can use it in the garden as well as indoors and I think it would be great for us to take to a country park or the beach next time we fancy a picnic which you just can’t do with a fabric playmat.

Felix doing tummy time on the Skip Hop Reversible playmat With a big smile on his face

For me, the Skip Hop Little Travellers Reversible playmat is a must have for any travel loving Mum and Dad and will make a stunning addition to your home. I love showing Dex all the different countries and playing ‘spot the animal’ and can’t wait to do the same with Felix. But for now, he’s loving the softness of this mat and I’m loving that I can place him on his tummy without worrying about him being sick!

Disclaimer: We were sent a Skip Hop Reversible playmat in return for this honest and open review. All thoughts are my own.

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Alexandra Cook

Tuesday 4th of June 2019

Looks like a great brand of play mat, adn the design looks really cute. My baby would be so happy to play using this.


Monday 3rd of June 2019

I love this! The picture of him really staring at it is adorable. Looks like it certainly captured his interest.

Very cute x

Lucy Mackcracken

Monday 3rd of June 2019

I love the bright colours of this mat. Our living room floor is wooden floorboards so this would be perfect for us to give baby a comfy space to roll around.

Mandi Morrison

Monday 3rd of June 2019

What a great design. Love how it is reversible, the colours are bright and engaging. Would have loved this when mine were babies.

Sabina Green

Monday 3rd of June 2019

This is great, lovely and colourful with a great design. Certainly something I would choose if I had little ones all over again.