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The Best Baby Led Weaning Plates

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Baby led weaning is all about baby learning how to self feed, so are baby led weaning plates really necessary? In our opinion, yes they are! Although it can be easier to pop baby’s food straight onto their tray, it’s always a good idea to introduce items such as plates and cutlery early on so baby can start learning how to use them.

There is so much choice out there when it comes to choosing the best plates for baby led weaning, so here is our collection of our tried and tested faves.

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Best Plates for Baby Led Weaning

Let’s look at each one in turn!

Munchkin Lil Apple

When it comes to baby led weaning, it’s always important to offer a range of different foods at meal times so baby can experience lots of different tastes and textures.

Divider plates are the perfect way to serve multiple foods at meal times without then getting all mixed up. This way you can serve yoghurt separate from fruit etc

The Munchkin Lil Apple are our favourite divider plates thanks to their bright colours and great value for money.

Bamboo Bamboo

Bamboo Bamboo baby led weaning plates are a firm fave among the Insta mummy crew and it’s easy to see why. They look gorgeous but also pack a punch in terms of how eco-friendly they are too.

These Bamboo Bamboo baby led weaning plates have a strong suctioned bottom and promise to help stimulate baby’s brain with their bright colours. You can also buy Bamboo Bamboo baby led weaning bowls and spoons too!

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Vital Baby Nourish Perfectly Simple

If you’re anything like me, dishwashing isn’t high on the priority list during the baby weaning stages so I needed stacks and stacks of plates while the washing piled up on the side! (No shame here – I much preferred spending time playing with baby and catching up on my zzz’s then spending time washing dishes!)

With pennies being tight during maternity leave, having a stack of bamboo plates simply wasn’t economically viable so I turned to these Vital Baby Nourish Perfect Simple plates.

This 5 pack of plates costs less than £4, come in lovely bright colours, are stackable and are perfect for feeding your baby. They’re even dishwasher safe too!

Nuby Sure Grip

This was our very first baby led weaning plate purchase right at the beginning of our journey back in 2016 and it’s still a firm fave to this day.

The suction silicone plate sticks really well to highchair trays and is big enough to contain a lovely portion of food for your baba.

This baby led weaning plate is dishwasher safe and thanks to its silicone form is super easy to clean too meaning you can simply rinse it in the sink ready for your next meal!

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Munchkin White Hot Plates

If you’re anything like me, you will always be worrying that baby’s food is too hot for them. When it comes to things like soup and porridge, it can seem cool to us, but not quite cool enough for baby, so these Munchkin White Hot weaning plates are an absolute necessity!

These Munchkin White Hot plates come in a pack of three and neatly stack together to minimise mess in your cupboards. Each plate has a strip that turns white when the food placed in the plate is too hot, giving you the confidence to feed your baby without fear of them burning their mouths.

The best baby led weaning plates

We hope you enjoyed this post of our favourite tried and tested baby led weaning plates. What’s next? How about:

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