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When’s The Best Time To Consider Buying A Pet?

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It’s tempting to say that any time is a good time to buy a pet. But in reality, it’s a major life event that is best approached thoughtfully. Adding a new bundle of fluff to the family is a significant commitment of time and resources, not to mention the responsibility that comes with keeping them happy and healthy.

Most people only realize the true extent of what it’s like when the pet arrives. At that point, getting everything in order can be overwhelming. So, when is the best time to consider buying a pet? There are many factors that might come into play depending on your individual circumstances, but the following points should help you make an informed decision.

Your Situation

Consider the amount of free time you currently have available during the day. Are you facing any challenges at the moment? Is there an important event coming up in the next few months? This can include a change in living arrangements, travel obligations, increased responsibilities at work, health problems or graduation from school.

Perhaps you have caretaking responsibilities for a family member. Maybe you already have a few pets to take care of. Do you see yourself being able to add another one to the list? Will your new pet get along with existing animals in your house? The same applies to people. Consider whether anyone in the house has allergies or disagrees with the idea.


Another approach is to consider the benefits and drawbacks of adopting a pet during specific times of the year. Let’s take a look at how things can change as the seasons go by. 


As the icy breeze of winter fades away, days get longer, and temperatures begin to climb. This makes house training easier and if you’re getting a dog, you’ll be able to take them on walks more often. A potential downside is the unpredictability of this season in the UK. A few wet months might mean plenty of muddy pawprints to clean up. 


With ideal weather and plenty of holidays, summer is for many people the best season to buy a pet. (1) Just be sure to consider whether you’ll be doing any traveling. The last thing you want is to bring your critter home two weeks before you jet off somewhere else, as this can cause problems when it comes to bonding, training, and creating a routine. 


If you’re planning on buying a dog, then autumn is not the worst season. Walking your pup along the backdrop of falling leaves is a serene experience. Plus, they will adore all the exciting new smells. Just be sure to consider any new work obligations. You should be able to stay at home with your pet for as much time as possible in the first few weeks. 


The festive season means plenty of time at home with your new pet. Conversely, it can also mean attending numerous seasonal events, and it’s not advisable to leave a new pet at home alone while the family is out celebrating. Don’t forget about dropping temperatures. If you want to buy a pet during this time, make sure you can keep them warm. 

Preparing for Adoption

It’s wise to wait until you have sufficient time to prepare before buying a pet. This is because there are numerous things you might need to do before bringing the animal home. For instance, your living space might require pet-proofing measures such as hiding away cables, medicine, food, poisonous plants, and hazardous ornaments. 

You might also need to prepare your pet’s personal space, which can include a soft place to sleep and some toys. Pet supplies such as a collar, potty bag, identification tag and litter box should be considered as well. Another important consideration is pet insurance. You’ll want to get this ready for them before they arrive. 

You can weigh up the different types of cover provided by an intermediary of pet insurance in the UK, like Everypaw. This can help you make a more informed decision when choosing the right pet insurance policy for your animal.


If you have children, it’s worth taking into consideration their age and maturity. It’s usually a better idea to wait until your little one is three or older before bringing a new pet home. (2) At this stage, you won’t have to be dedicating as much time to your child, allowing you to spend more time training and ensuring your pet is comfortable.

Considering the above factors should make it easier for you to determine when the best time is for you to buy a pet. With a bit of deliberation, you’ll be able to find a good time and eventually bring your dream pet home. Moreover, your careful preparation will ensure that they are in tip-top condition from day one. 



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