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AD | Removing Stains: 4 Steps to Getting Rid of Every Laundry Stain + GIVEAWAY

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Having two children under four means that practically every single day I’m faced with stains. Stains on their clothes, stains on the bedding, stains on the sofa (why, oh why did I purchase teal coloured sofas) and even stains on the laminate flooring.

They said having kids would be hard, but they never said how many stains I would have to deal with!

Before we moved into our family home, I would have been more likely to throw out stained clothes or ignore stains on the furniture than think about tackling them, but guys, I’ve changed. Becoming a homeowner has made me more Mrs Hinch than Waynetta Slob and I’m ready to share all my four step process to getting rid of even the most difficult of stains with you.

As an added bonus, at the end of this life changing post (and it will be life changing, trust me) I’ve got a giveaway to win a bundle of cleaning products that will make tackling stains even easier!

1. Deal with it immediately

The first rule of dealing with stains is making sure you tackle the issue immediately, instead of leaving the offending item on the laundry basket for weeks on end (it’s not just me that does this, right?)

Dealing with it straight away isn’t always easy when you are juggling kids, but try to get to work as quickly as possible so the stain doesn’t set, especially if we are talking about an expensive item of clothing, or one of your favourite pieces.

2. Tackle the stain

Depending on what the stain is and whether the article of clothing is a colour or a white, there are a few options when it comes to tackling the stain at hand.

If you’re looking for a natural stain remover, then white vinegar is a must have staple in your laundry cupboard. Because most stains are slightly acidic, the acidity of white vinegar means stains will dissolve once they come into contact with it. Be careful to dilute it correctly though and avoid using it on delicate fabrics which can be damaged by the acidity of it.

To boost the efficiency of white vinegar, some people like to add a little bicarbonate of soda to the solution to make a fizzy stain remover that will also work on alkaline stains such as beetroot, avocado and spinach – common baby led weaning type stains, amiright?

Another natural stain remover is salt, especially when it comes to blood stains, and god knows we have plenty of them here thanks to Dexter’s clumsiness. Simply rub a little salt on the offending stain and wash as usual.

Grease stains can be tackled naturally with a little talcum powder. Like the salt tip, simply rub a little talc on the stain and wash as normal and the grease stain will be no more!

However, if you prefer to use a product as opposed to a natural method of stain remover, look no further than market leading stain removers ACE who have a wide range of products to help you tackle any laundry stain.

ACE range of products on windowsill with washing hanging on line behind

We love the ACE bleach for whites which leaves shirts, vests, onesies and t-shirts looking fresh, crisp and as good as new. It’s perfect for tackling those yellow under arm stains, baby poop marks (the jumperoo is a godsend for five minutes peace but it always results in a poonami, up the back style poo!), food stains and general greying of whites which happens over time.

ACE have even now introduced a plastic free option, offering stain removal in a cardboard box, helping us to be more eco-friendly.

They don’t just tackle laundry stains either, ACE also offer a stain remover for use around the home, as well as a power mousse for the most stubborn of stains.

3. Don’t put the item on a hot wash

In this day and age, we shouldn’t really need to do a hot wash anyway – it’s far much more economical and better for the environment to wash on 30 (or lower!) The avoidance of a hot wash will also stop the stain setting, making it a triple win!

4. Hang your laundry outside in the sun

For me, the most important part of tackling stains comes in the final step: ensuring you hang your laundry outside in the sunshine. Yes, it can be pretty difficult this time of year (which is why following steps 1-3 is imperative) but honestly, the sun is the absolute best stain remover there is.

whites hanging outside on the line

A few months ago, I split hot sauce on a cashmere jumper belonging to my husband – I was aghast and had no idea what to do as the item couldn’t go in the washing machine and was far too delicate for any product to be used on it. I rinsed the stain immediately with warm water and decided to hang it on the line for a day or two to see what would happen. Afer 48 hours, the stain was gone – it was a miracle! (Or nature working at its finest!)

So, there we have it. A simple for step process to getting rid of any stain – an absolute godsend when you’re dealing with a weaning baby and a clumsy toddler.

Thanks to ACE, I’m giving away FOUR stain removal bundles worth £20 each, so you too can tackle any stain in the home. Entering is simple and full instructions are in the widget below. Best of luck!

ace products inside the cupboard

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Tee Simpson

Sunday 24th of November 2019

My tip is to use vinegar and water to clean and wipe down surfaces. It cuts grease and grime and is environmentally good

Kirsteen Mackay

Sunday 24th of November 2019

Baby oil is great for making chrome shine like new.

Jennifer Toal

Sunday 24th of November 2019

Newspaper for smear free windows

Kate Davies

Sunday 24th of November 2019

A rubber window squeegee is great for getting pet hair out of carpets.

Hayley F

Sunday 24th of November 2019

Do it as you go, then the cleaning won't build up x