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AD | Summer Pick n Mix Memories with Swizzels

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The summer months always evoke so many memories for me- I’m not sure if it’s the warmer weather or the fact that the six week summer holidays always seemed to last FOREVER when I was a child – but this time of year always leaves me reminiscent of years gone by.

One of my favourite memories of being a child was going to the local sweet shop to choose Pick n Mix. Is there anything quite as exciting as being given money by family member and being able to go into a shop to choose the most delicious items known to a small child? Of course, my favourite brand of sweets have always been Swizzels, manufactured right here in the UK, over in the High Peak in Derbyshire.

Parma Violets in a heart shaped bowl

Were you ever given a party bag as a child that didn’t have Love Hearts, Parma Violets or Drumstick lollies in it? I very much doubt it! Swizzels also make Refreshers (my absolute favourite, I just adore the fizziness), Rainbow Drops, Double Dips and Fizzers. I could literally sit eating them all day.

Swizzels sweets have had a profound impact on so many of my memories. I remember being handed Drumstick and Double Dip lollies during Fresher’s Week, giving me a much needed energy boost while I was full of nerves and knackered from meeting so many people. We had Love Hearts scattered across the tables at our wedding as a quirky talking point for some of our guest who had never met before. And, I remember shivering with delight when I found a shop, back when I lived in France, that sold Refreshers and the feeling when the fizz hit my tongue, brought me straight back to Britain and those happy childhood memories.

Pick n Mix has had quite the revival in recent years, with it being a popular choice at weddings and parties for guests to help themselves to a range of yummy sweets. Swizzels do a great range of Pick n Mix, with many options being vegan or vegetarian too. You can also now personalise Love Hearts, Fizzers and Refreshers, making them the ideal take home gift at parties and weddings.

It was recently my husband’s birthday and knowing he’s as much of a Swizzels fan as I am, I set up a small Pick n Mix area, complete with scoops and paper bags, so he could munch on his favourite sweets to his heart’s content.

Range of Swizzels sweets in a tub with Love Hearts and Fizzers in glass jars beside and a paper Pick n Mix bag behind

I’ll always have fond memories of choosing my own Pick n Mix as a child and I can’t wait to share this experience with my children too. Dexter has already developed quite the sweet tooth and I have no doubt that he’ll love the Swizzels fizzy sweets just as much as I do!

Dexter in the garden with a packet of Love Hearts in his hands

If you fancy setting up your own Pick n Mix at home, then make sure you enter my competition below for your chance to win a Swizzels Party Tub which is 5kg of pure deliciousness! Meanwhile, let me know in the comments what your favourite Pick n Mix sweets were as a child. I love hearing other people’s trips down memory lane.

Good luck!

Swizzels Love Hearts in a glass jar next to a tub filled with Swizzels Pick n Mix sweets and a scoop

Share this post with your friends!

Tammy Neal

Sunday 1st of September 2019

Flying saucers

Amy Jo mclellan

Sunday 1st of September 2019

Fizzy cola bottles all the way!

Jodie W

Sunday 1st of September 2019

those white fish and chip sweets were my favourites

Nicola Battensby

Sunday 1st of September 2019

PARMA VIOLETS - OUT OF THIS WORLD. No-one else in the house likes them so they are all mine!

Sam Cornford

Sunday 1st of September 2019

Black jacks were my favourite, still love them